About Kubix Digital

Our Story

2007 was a big year for the internet and for us. The iPhone was out, and so was the Kindle; Facebook and Twitter went global, Google bought YouTube.

2007 was also the year when we, Halide, Pinar & Safak founded Kubix Digital. As former Googlers AKA Xooglers we started of as the first pure Search Engine Marketing agency of Turkey.

When we started our agency nobody, including our parents and close friends, really believed in us. They thought we were crazy to leave a company like Google, but with a clear goal in mind and knowing about the untouched potential of the Turkish market, we never gave up and worked very hard to make our business rock.

Our Values

As a company we have 4 specific values that we believe represent a successful working strategy: taking ownership, thinking & working smart, communicating with each other, whether it's a teammate or a client and last but not least supporting others. They are the essence of what we stand for as a company and part of our success are making sure we apply them to our work ethic.

We live and die with Search Engine Marketing and we are offering our services to startups as well as established companies to boost their online marketing efforts. We have already helped dozens of companies to grow their business online.

Our Approach

What differentiates us as Kubix Digital is that our clients receive full transparency and insights into our process, which goes beyond an ordinary consultancy service and makes us a real solution partner.

Our focus is on generating reach, leads, sales, revenue, and actions while creating a smooth, positive digital experience for every single user.

We feel responsible for every project we work on. As a result of this, we usually don’t feel like an agency more like an extension of our client’s team.

Being data-driven and having a good connection with our clients are the basis for everything we do. We are open to share our knowledge with everyone, because we truly believe in "Sharing is caring".

Kubix Digital In A Nutshell


First Days
Kubix Digital was founded in April 2007 in Tarabya, Istanbul


First SEM Pitch Turkey
In early 2008 Turk Telekom held Turkey’s first Search Engine Marketing pitch. We won this pitch and are still together with Turk Telekom…happily ever after.


First Award Received
We received the 1st place in the SEM Category for our client TTNET.


International Focus
We started working with agencies from all around the world on international projects and started to take on more international clients. Additionally, we were guest speakers at the SEM Roundtable at Google in Zurich and attended the Conversion Optimization Event Google Dublin.


More Services Offered
We extended our services with Holistic SEO and Conversion Optimization.


New Corporate Identity Launched
We renamed Kubix to Kubix Digital and with the expansion of our team and services a new corporate identity was built.


We Are Choosen As Europe’s & MENA’s Best Small Integrated Agency
We are honored that our hard work over years has been internationally awarded. We are now ambitious to create even more success stories.


Kubix turns 10
Get ready for a big celebration of our 10th Anniversary.


First Podcast Episode
We turned the mic on and recorded our very first Kubix On Air podcast episode.


Opened Our European HQ in Berlin
Berlin calling: Kubix Digital opens Berlin office for its European operations.


Winner of 2 Awards
At the MENA Search Awards we were named the winner in the categories ‘Best Use of Search - Third Sector’ and ‘Best Mobile Campaign’.


We Did It Again: We Are Europe’s Best Small Integrated Search Agency
2018 was a tough year for us. But we kept our heads up, fought hard, and never gave up. We are so extremely proud of our team and receiving this award really is the best motivator ever.


We are honored to be awarded and shortlisted for different awards nationally as well as internationally. Receiving recognition for our hard work makes us proud and ambitious to create even more success stories.


To be the best, we need the best. Proudly we present our earned partner badges awarded by the industry’s leading platforms. Our partnerships are critical to the way we work, plan and develop - but most of all, critical to our success.

Tools We Use

Online marketing tools can be very helpful to get deeper insights but also save us some time. But, we use the tools wisely; we question the output and not blindly trust them. Our quote is: "A fool with a tool is still a fool".

Social Media

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