13 Facts You Need To Know About Şafak

Since it’s your Birthday today, you crazy Gemini, we would like to take this occasion to wish you all the best in our very special way.

To all of you out there who might read this post, we hope you will enjoy it and will get to know Şafak from our perspective: Şafak as a colleague, boss, friend or husband…Always with a big smile on his face, we would like you to get to know our very own, very distinctive, narcissist (this definition definitely did not come from his wife) Şafak a little bit more.

1. His Own Fashion Makes Him Unique

Who do you think made wearing sneakers with suits in?

2. His Very Special Sense Of Grammar/Language

Call it Gerkish - Turman - Şafakish or whatever. He has his own language basically. He can speak Turkish with German grammar or Turkish with English mix.

Even worse, his glossary sticks to you too after a certain time. He makes up words that don’t exist or uses expressions totally wrong, but you can only laugh with him. He speaks with some Turkish guys English and nobody knows why.

PS: He is the worst Tabu teammate ever.

Şafak Language
Şafak Language

3. Şafak Humour

Well thank god he is not too German about it;) Sometimes he is the only one laughing at his jokes...or at least Pınar and Halide laugh with him because they only get it.

4. Moves Like Jagger

No words needed. Check it out yourself:

5. Karaoke Master

Şafak: Let’s have a karaoke night

Me: Yay great idea let's have some fun

They go to a karaoke bar

Me: Ohh there is the microphone

Şafak: Let's sing

Me: Okey, you start

Şafak: Na na nan naaa (all night long)

Me: (Never touched the microphone again)

Şafak Karaoke
Şafak Karaoke

6. Probably The Best Labrador Owner

Well, you are reading this blog post on kubix.digital. The name of his dog is Kuby. So, you get the clue? Ok, Kuby is not just a dog he has the title Grand Kubilay Vom Masurenweg and is the grandson of a Labrador champion in UK.

Whatever the weather condition is, -10 to +40 he will take him out for a walk.

Do you know any other person who leaves his dog longer at the dog hotel just because he is having fun there?

I enjoy an all inclusive hotel too but my father doesn’t leave me there. So maybe Şafak should adopt me?

7. I Am Your Father Ela

What diamonds? He buys his wife and daughter Star Wars clothes, cuz why wouldn’t a person want to wear that?

According to Ela he is the best dad in the world and we believe her, because it really never gets boring with him.

Şafak Ela Star Wars
Şafak Ela Star Wars

8. Plane Crush

A private jet, a military plane, a commercial plane, no that’s superman... Ohh wait that was something else. Anyways, he has a thing for any flying thing. He really do can tell a flying planes model from ground.

Well even though he is not traveling with you don’t get surprised if he tracks your flight. He knows your airplane type before you do. He even tracks you while your are flying

No, not a control freak at all :)

9. Şafak The “Mayor”

Okey, we are in a shared office.

So, how much information can a person share in 10 minutes? Or how close can you get in 10 minutes? If there is a new person, you can get all the information about that person from Şafak, including his/her aunt’s favorite meal.

Before every little trip he takes he “helalleşis” with the whole floor.

The word networking must have been created after him. Even though you were in the same place as him he probably met 10 times more people than you did. Including Andrew ;)

He is that good at networking people even thought that he was a German spy in his suburb area. This actually is a true story.

10. Coke Zero Addict

Since he eats soo healthy he always prefers his coke without sugar. Gotta watch your figure. He stopped swimming because his shoulders were getting too wide. Well, I thought men go to the gym for that!

11. Şafak The Whiskey Lover

We will get you that Don Draper’s whiskey corner Şafak, no worries.

Şafak Whiskey
Şafak Whiskey

12. Mood Swings

Well, he definitely is a typical Gemini...He can have mood swings in seconds. So you can tell by the changing color of his face that a mood swing is approaching. If that’s the case you better leave the room within the next 3..2..1 seconds or this message will self-destruct. I swear once I saw him purple!

13. Super-Energetic Şafak

Definitely, he has the energy of a-20 year old. Keep calm, Şafak, 40 is the new 20. I guess this slogan was found especially for you.

Despite all...We love our very own Şafak and so does everybody else in Istanbul, Dublin, Berlin, Australia or wherever in this world.

Happy Birthday!

Post date: 01 Jun 2017

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