5 Psychological Tips to Write Outstanding Google Ad Texts

As PPC experts, we mainly focus on impressions, clicks, conversions and bounce rates. We usually forget to use the right side of our brain; we forget, to let our intuitions, emotions, and subjectivity take over.

We implement the technical requirements in our ad texts, and we’re always trying to achieve better results - but this simply is the standard work. This mediocrity means that in the end, our ad texts are not that much different than the ones from our competitors - and therefore, we may not be able to attract the attention of potential customers.

The advertisement text is our first contact with the potential customer - the first impression is important and leads to the decision whether the searcher clicks further or not. But how exactly can we increase our ads click-rate? Here are my 5 tips:

1. Show What Your Product Or Service Offers

Users usually search for solutions to their problems - even though this seems not always the case when analyzing their search queries. That’s why in your ad text, you need to show people that you have the best solution to their problems. In general, ad texts focus on the product itself rather than the benefits of the product. When you state the benefits that you offer the user, the performance of the ad copy improves as well.


In the ad text above, the headline states ‘KIA City Car’, and the advantages of a city car model are mentioned in the ad text. Instead of writing about a specific offer, the maneuverability of the model is discussed - we assume that size, easy parking, or energy efficiency eg., play a larger and more decisive role when considering buying a city car.

2. Use Emotional Phrases & Expressions

One of the most effective ways to mobilize users is to use expressions that can touch their emotions. The main reason for this is that decisions are not only based on logic - emotions can also play a role. In other words, if the user reads an ad and the ad has a strong emotional impact, this can lead to clicking the ad. This is how you can make an ad text emotional:

  • Try to get to know your potential customer; is she a mother? A sports enthusiast? A businessman?
  • Decide how you want your customers to see you; as someone who brings good news? As a motivator? As someone who scares and in rush?
  • You will write the best text ads when you write from the perspective of the selected person.

Of course, we should also mention; in order to prevent a negative interaction between your customer and your brand, it's important to keep your emotions in balance.


Take a look at the example above: we know, for example, that the majority of the SUV users are families and that both fathers and mothers value safety when buying a car. We, therefore, are talking about the safety and economy of the KIA Sportage in our advertisement text, and are trying to attract the attention of families in this way.

3. Awaken The Feeling To ‘Not Miss Out’

People tend to have a fear of missing out - so within your ad texts, try to arouse that feeling by giving the users a sense that they shouldn’t miss anything and that this is a unique chance - kind of like: it’s now or never!

A way to show this in the ad texts is by using countdown ads. Potential customers can then see in the ad text, in how many days or hours the (discount) campaigns end.

countdown ads to not miss out
countdown ads to not miss out

Another possibility is to stress the fact that certain products or services are only available within a certain period of time. Here it makes sense to place time-limited (discount) campaigns in the ad text.

Another possibility is to stress that the products or services will only be available within a certain time. Here it makes sense to place limited time-specific discounts and campaigns in ad texts.

You can do this, in 2 different ways:

  • Specify an exact date or time interval:
real significant opportunity ad text
real significant opportunity ad text
  • Use terms that the campaign is only currently valid (using; metaphorical expressions):
metaphor significant opportunity ad text
metaphor significant opportunity ad text

Both methods can be used, but since the user (most of the time) concentrates on the ‘exact date and time’, you can consider giving this way your priority.

4. Respond To Concerns & Questions

Your potential customers may have some questions or even concerns, about the services or products they receive from you. One way to eliminate this barrier is by adding the basic services, to the ad text; either as ad extensions or to the description field of your ads.

respond to concerns and questions
respond to concerns and questions

The most common of these expressions are:

  • Free shipping
  • Versatile payment options
  • Free and easy returns
  • 7/24 Customer support

5. Use Call-To-Action Messages

Inserting prompts into the ad text is a powerful and effective way to positively influence both click-through and conversion rates. These wordings should encourage the user to act and help to influence the decision-making process.

These call-to-action wordings can be creative and diverse. Here are a few examples that you can use. Do you have any other great action words in stock? Then just share them in the comment area below.

  • Discover now!
  • Watch now!
  • Buy Now!
  • Fill out the form below!
  • Sign up!

Tip: if you’ve divided users into certain segments, it’s more effective to show them personalized call-to-action words.

For example, for previous visitors who’ve just entered your remarketing list, you can use a different strategy. As these visitors are closer to the bottom of the purchase funnel and are likely converting, you can choose to use conversational messages.

This would be a text ad that you show to new visitors:

new visitor text ad
new visitor text ad

And when people who’ve visited your site before searching for the same keyword, this text ad would be shown instead:

remarketing list ad text
remarketing list ad text

Now it's your turn!

With 60,000 Google searches per second, it's time to test and optimize new ad text features. You can start by using our suggestions above right away - I'd even appreciate it if you could share your own testimonials and favorite ad texts with me by dropping us a line!

Post date: 27 May 2019

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