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Today’s blog post is about a Google Partners Connect Event that took place on December 9th, 2016. As this was the first Google Partners Connect Event in Turkey, and the content was certainly interesting and worth spreading, we thought to share our impressions and key takeaways.

The purpose of this event, besides networking, was about how to make your videos more memorable to your customers and more action oriented.

What we have heard was that approximately 68% of users who watch YouTube videos know exactly what they're looking for to do purchasing-related actions.

The first presentation “Neuromarketing and Video Implementations” was by Ph.D. Tuna Çakar who talked about the development of Neuromarketing. Mr. Çakar asked the audience if they had read the book “buy-ology”, a key book for Neuromarketers, by Martin Lindstrom. The result was that nobody from the attendees had read it.

He introduced tools with which you can measure and analyze somebody’s physiologic reaction on online/visual advertisement. Mr. Çakar shared his knowledge on heat map, eye tracking and other facial and brain activity tracking tools. This type of research can cost between 15.000TL and 40.000TL.

For healthy results from tests like these, he emphasized a minimum sample size of at least 24 participants.

Google Partners Connect Event Turkey
Google Partners Connect Event Turkey

After this he took a stand on TV advertising where he showed us ads from Anadolu Sigorta’s Erzurum earthquake Atatürk’s video and ‘Yeni Rakı’ Brand’s ad. Both are highly emotional videos.

An advertisements success, impact and rememberability are highly correlated to emotional connectivity. The consumer/viewer must build an emotional bond with the brand. An outside voice will remove that bond. Therefore, as the brand is placed within that context this bond will be even stronger, like in the Yeni Rakı ad mentioned above.

Google Partners Connect Event Turkey Famous YouTubers
Google Partners Connect Event Turkey Famous YouTubers

Next up were two Turkish YouTubers Merve Özkaynak, a mother of two who used to work in the digital field and then started a beauty and make-up channel on YouTube, and Orkun Işıtmak, a young, funny, energetic YouTuber. His channel is about pranks, funny content, and crazy ideas (e.g. flying to NY for 1 day to buy an iPhone 7). He has over 2 Million subscribers making him one of Turkey’s most famous YouTubers.

Both talked about their projects and experiences with brands. They showed some of their videos and did Q&As on how to make content for YouTube and earn money with it.

They mentioned the importance of brands working with YouTubers and on how ideas can spontaneously come up during briefing meetings with agencies or the brand itself. Nevertheless, both of them said that they would not take on projects that wouldn’t match with their channels concept or topic.

Google Partners Connect Event United Plankton Product Demo
Google Partners Connect Event United Plankton Product Demo

After this session three companies showed their product demos in relation to YouTube. One for example was United Plankton that creates of 15 second videos ready to use for social media, YouTube, outdoor screens, and TV.

Overall, we thought that this was a very successful first event for Google Partners Connect and the fact that they took care of us partners in terms of food & drinks on a Friday evening also made it a great TGIF event!

Google is planning to hold events every quarter for its Premier Partner agencies. We will keep you posted on next quarters event, so stay connected!

Post date: 23 Dec 2016

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