Digital Marketing Astrology: What Type Of Digital Marketer Are You?

Digital Marketing Astrology: It’s all written in the stars!

Find out what kind of a digital marketer you are based on your zodiac sign & horoscope. Are you an energetic Leo or a stressed Libra, a stubborn Taurus or a helpful Sagittarius, are you a disciplined Capricorn or a lazy Pisces - just keep on reading.


March 21 - April 19

A digital marketing Aries employee or boss, that’s what you want to have in your team. There is nothing they cannot do. Ranking a site at position no. 1; you’ve got it. Managing & leading a team; very good at it. Writing compelling and creative web content; and how! With all these fantastic skills, an Aries brings in a constant flow of money, but be aware: this great deal of money often goes out as fast as it comes in. Although dealing with finances is a challenge for Aries, the risks that they are taking are often well calculated (so don’t you worry!). In fact: they rather make a mistake than regret not doing something, and the difficulties they are facing only gives them the opportunity to grow even further.

Meet the allrounder Arieses of our industry:


April 20 - May 20

Taurus digital marketers are the energetic, down-to-earth, organized & hardworking beasts of the bunch - and the stubborn ones, too. Energetic, as in working at a hyped-up speed, AKA Atom Ant-style, all day long without getting tired, ever. Down-to-earth, as in speaking about any SEO & SEM topic on a positive but realistic tone, often coming across as authoritative. Organized, as in keeping the ads accounts structured and paying the bills on time. Hardworking, as in reaching a projects’ goals & deadlines easily, no matter what obstacles are in their way. And not to forget; (extremely) stubborn, as in being inflexible in their work approach and the fear of change, bringing up the same ideas during a meeting over and over again, and when in argument, refusing to listen - even though they know the other is right.

Meet the hardworking Tauruses of our industry:


May 21 - June 20

A digital marketing Gemini is a true gem to cherish! Whenever you look in their direction, they are busy working on something - if that something is always their work tasks though, we wonder. Their easy-goingness and charming character makes them very likable, and being brilliant communicators only helps them to get away with things more easily than others would. Gemini’s make up the perfect SEO content writers in the team, the greatest source of information when you want to know about the latest news & trends, and wonderful project partners as they come up with the most genius ideas - but note; because they are so full of new ideas, they often find it hard to follow through with something, leaving a long trail of yet-to-complete projects behind them.

Meet the brilliant Geminis of our industry:


June 21 - July 22

Helpful, kind, creative, spontaneous, loving - and with random mood swings popping up every now and then. These are the Cancer digital marketers among us. With their impressive listening skills, a Cancer immediately seems to understand what the client is thinking and hopes to achieve; and leading the project team successfully towards that wanted outcome (and beyond), is what they excel at - but if there are some drawbacks along the way, you should know that they can get grumpy and start complaining non-stop. When they do, don’t back off; despite their cranky moods they have a huge heart, and if there is one person that you can count on and helps you through a stressful day at work, it sure is them.

Meet the go-getter Cancerians of our industry:


July 23 - August 22

Leos are the Kings & Queens of the digital marketing jungle. They are the ones with a never-ending energy level that keeps the entire PPC team focused. The ones that take the leading role in every client meeting. The ones that are courageous and keep their cool, even in the most challenging projects. The ones that are creative and come up with terrific ideas to tackle the toughest situations. The ones that are born entertainers and bring a positive vibe to the office day in, day out. The ones that are well-organized, loyal, helpful - aren’t they just the most amazing marketers among us? Well yes, if you play along. If you only dare to criticize them or even ignore them, you’ll meet their dark side. This might sound scarier than it is though; they forgive pretty quickly but act like they haven’t - just to get some attention.

Meet the entertaining Leos of our industry:


August 23 - September 22

A Virgo digital marketer structures perfect SEO pages. Crafts perfect paid marketing plans. Comes up with perfect solutions for clients. Writes perfect website content. Creates perfect social media visuals. Builds perfect presentation decks. Prepares perfect cups of coffee - whatever they do is perfect, as anything less than that simply is not good enough. With that also comes an expectation of you to deliver top-notch work; if you can’t live up to that, they will burst out into frustration no matter how unrealistic their hopes are. Good news though: that frustration won’t last long as they will be the first ones to help you out, and push you to become better. Being appreciated and pleasing everyone is what our Virgo friends are aiming for - but in order to get things done, they go to extremes and won’t mind driving you crazy in the process.

Meet the perfectionist Virgos of our industry:


September 23 - October 22

If you’ve ever came across a kind, understanding, easy-going, optimistic, fun, charming, thoughtful - but also super stressed digital marketer with an ultra-tidy office, it must have been a Libra. Libras want to show you how nice they are, and therefore are having a hard time saying ‘no’ to the favors you are asking. Are having a rough time to choose and make any decision. And are having a difficult time to stick to the truth: they’re very good at lying straight to your face - but know that they never do it with bad intentions. They are great at making you feel important, at ease, and bombard you with compliments; though in return, they expect you to admit what a wonderful employees they are, and how lucky you should be to have them in your team.

Meet the wonderful Libras of our industry:


October 23 - November 21

Scorpios are the most passionate, focused, brave, intuitive, independent, faithful digital marketers we know - and also, the most mysterious and intense ones. While they are incredibly competitive and constantly pushing themselves to be better, it also makes them dominant and aggressive. They are sensitive, warm, polite and empathetic, but also manipulative and won’t mind treating you badly for their own benefit. They are ambitious, determined, work extremely hard to reach their goals and are the best SEM project leaders you can wish for, but it also makes them intolerant and obsessive for power and control. (I told you, pretty confusing). Though on top of all that, they are just fun to be around, are direct, and simply are an expert at what they do.

Meet the mysterious Scorpios of our industry:


November 22 - December 21

They’re half human, half animal; but full digital marketing enthusiasts, full SEO adventurers, full paid campaign optimists, full storytelling passionates - and full of life. Our Sagittarians are constantly on the move to learn something; whether it’s a new tactic to give the client’s marketing a boost, mastering a new language just to launch an international campaign, or teaching themselves a new skill simply to help a colleague further - though don’t expect too much. They’re pretty inconsistent in the things they want to learn and you might need to wait a while till they’re ready to support you. Dreaming big and believing that anything is possible makes them the happiest and most enthusiastic digital marketers in your team - but also the most reckless and careless ones; often ending up in difficult (and embarrassing) situations.

Meet the lively Sagittarians of our industry:


December 22 - January 19

A Capricorn digital marketer is a disciplined one, optimistic one, patient one, cautious one, and a successful one. Whatever tasks you give them, projects you assign them to, or clients you trust them with, you won’t regret - they are living up to your expectations and their can-do attitude leads them to success pretty much all the time. They are competitive and love a good challenge. They are confident of their capabilities and have a great sense of time management. They have a strong self-discipline, are driven and hardworking. They are the most sincere people you will ever meet - till you push their limits. While they hide their anger behind piles of work and act like they’ve got it all together, they are plotting a massive revenge to get back at you. You’re warned.

Meet the disciplined Capricorns of our industry:


January 20 - February 18

An Aquarian brings enthusiasm, confidence, excitement, imagination, and originality to the job - along with a lot of chaos, sarcasm, and stubbornness. With their fascination for technology, passion for helping others, interest in learning new things, and their obsession for funky clothes, they are shaking up the digital marketing campaigns and inspiring everyone around them to do the same. They have a brilliant memory, lots of knowledge and really love their work. Seeing them solving issues in their own quirky little ways, and their constant flow of sharing new ideas makes them fun to work with - only if they could stop being so damn unpredictable. They’re always changing and coming up with completely new and unexpected plans at the very-last-minute. Highly annoying - but know; they just want to make things better for you.

Meet the quirky Aquarians of our industry:


February 19 - March 20

A digital marketer that is dreamy, intuitive, creative and imaginative, flexible, compassionate, sensitive and kind - but at the same time is moody, a bit lazy and likes to complain, must be a Pisces. They just love to design new things and show off their awesome creative skills. Are on top of the latest news and trends, happily sharing their observations and insights. They are hardworking and do everything to bring your site to the top positions; even if that means to decrypt Google’s algorithms. Dedicated, reliable, and great at solving problems; that’s what they are - though you should also know: when something eventually goes wrong, you better get ready to deal with the consequences yourself because hey: it wasn’t them. It’s never them.

Meet the dreamy Pisces of our industry:

Does your astrology sign match your digital marketing personality? Take the quiz and find out what your actual digital marketing zodiac sign is.

Post date: 19 Jul 2019

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