Different Digital Marketing Personalities [+ QUIZ]

The digital marketing world is made up of a diverse bunch of people - and after being in the industry for more than 13 years, we’ve seen lots of different digital marketing-personalities passing by;

Hardworking ones. Successful ones. Passionate ones. Kind ones. Creative ones. Organized ones. Enthusiastic ones. Optimistic ones. - But also many many weird ones. Manipulative ones. Frustrating ones. Moody ones. And stubborn ones.

But what makes a digital marketer to be successful, to be creative, to be disciplined, to be weird?

Genes? Maybe.
Background? Sure.
Culture? Probably.
Zodiac sign? Bingo!

In our 8-headed team we have a taurus, a gemini, a leo, a virgo (3 of them, even), a scorpio, and a sagittarius. Working closely together day-in-day-out, we know exactly what to expect from who. Who’s good at what. Who picks up things faster than the other, and so on. Comparing our team with the zodiac signs, all of the pieces came together. (And considering our digital marketing buddies and their personalities it all made sense: zodiac signs & digital marketing personalities match! - tadaa: and our Digital Marketing Astrology blog post was born).

But hey - we’d like to take it a step further:

We bet we can even guess what your zodiac sign is, based on who you are as a digital marketer.

Curious how we see you? Take our fun and short (just 12-questions long) test:


Guessed right: we knew it!
Guessed wrong: maybe you’re different at work than you are at home .. any comments? (If so, share with us and help us improve the quiz outcome).

* Tip: Recruiting digital marketers? Go for a varied zodiac-sign-team. It works. (read: we have 6 signs, and we became Europe’s best small integrated search agency of 2019 - just imagine what a team of 6+ signs can achieve!).

Post date: 13 Nov 2019

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