Effective Shopping Ads Through Feed Title Optimization

Google Shopping Ads can be very efficient for online retailers, but of course if it is done right. An optimized data feed helps your ads to be seen by many right people as possible and ensures that these people buy your products through Google Shopping. Other than AdWords Search Campaigns you don’t have the opportunity to choose what keywords your ads should appear for. So how can you optimize your Shopping Ads for more visibility?

There are some optimization techniques for Shopping Ads but in this post we will write about the most important one: Feed Title Optimization. While in Google Search it is possible to scale accounts by targeting via keywords or the messaging in ads, in Google Shopping this has to be done through the Product Feed. Here’s how you can improve your Feed Titles and get more traffic.

1. Make Titles User-Friendly

To catch the searcher’s attention, a good Feed Title is crucial. Why? Because Google will automatically match the titles in your Google Shopping feed with searches in Google and let your ads appear when appropriate. It is as important as the Title Tag of a webpage or the AdWords ad text headline. Make sure you use accurate information which reflects exactly the product itself. Because misleading information not only ends up with getting your Shopping Ads disapproved, but also users get disappointed and this might damage your brand. Google recommends you include the brand, the product and basic product characteristics like model, color or size. Also to make it as user-friendly as possible, you should use generic terms for colors, e.g. red, instead of winered or magenta.

2. Use Real Search Keywords

Another way to improve your Shopping Feed Title is to make the Product Titles more similar to what people are actually searching for. So using the most important keyword with the highest relevancy and search volume is the key of your title optimization. This is actually very similar to AdWords Search optimization, where you also use your most important keyword in the ad text headline or use dynamic keyword insertion for more relevancy. This relevancy between search keyword and ad relevancy rise up your CTR and improves your quality score.

To ensure that you use the right keywords and match them with the right products you can use the information from your search campaigns where you already have a proven performance data.

3. Use Brand Keywords

It is not often seen that advertisers use their brand names in the product title unless they have the brand in the product name. As mentioned above it is of course more important to use relevant product keywords instead of not user-friendly brand names repeating over and over again.

However, we all know that the best converting keywords are your branded keywords. It’s crucial for your performance that you include the brand name in the product title. This can be easily done through some title patterns where you can take the brand field and automatically set it as a prefix to your product title.

4. Add Product-Specific Information

For some products, information like product size, color, material, usage etc. is worth to mention in the title as long as it is relevant for the user and it is a searched keyword. For clothing for example using size and color information is more important than using material information. For other products like household products putting material information into the title can improve CTR and distinguish your ad form the competitors.

5. Use Advertorial Phrases

Adding promotional offers, coupons, special prices etc. can be a way to ensure you get the most of your shopping ads. We have seen a higher CTR for feed information with adjectives on special promotions or competitive price offers. Price offers where you can beat your competitors, can uplift your sales performance.

shopping ads title
shopping ads title

At Mavi we try to apply the above feed title optimization techniques or at least advise our clients on how to do it properly. As the product range is broad and highly competitive, feed optimization is crucial for their shopping ads performance. The product title represents exactly the product and contains not only relevant searched keywords but also information about color, material, product specification and design information.

So as you now know Feed Title Optimization is the most important part of your Shopping Ad Optimization. It can improve your click-through rate and help you increase revenues form your shopping ad campaign. By optimizing the feed title you can not only influence which products appear for which query, but also increase traffic and conversion by displaying ads which are more likely to reflect the searcher’s needs.

Halide Ebcinoğlu
30 Nov 2016

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