Effects of YouTube Ads on a Potential Customer

Before talking about YouTube Ads, let’s first talk about YouTube. Isn’t it a wonderful platform? I remember the first time when we were only listening to music and watching music videos. That was such a long time ago, right? Go down memory lane where people were recording stuff and uploading their videos to YouTube. Of course, we are still doing these but some things have changed and this change was and still continues to be huge!

Who are the viewers?

What kind of viewers does YouTube have?

What are we doing? Are we just listening or watching on this platform?

I’m a YouTube user and my 4-year-old nephews are too. Also my mom and dad… Who else? Housewives, babies, mechanics, doctors, digital marketers, drivers, students; you get the idea basically all kinds of people. We are all watching videos about make-up, game tricks, recipes, guides; plenty of videos.

We are the user and we have a potential that makes every single one of us turn into a customer. While my nephews were watching this video, they said that they had lots of bricks but only a few figures. Well, it meant they would be so happy if someone bought some figures for them. As you can guess, they don’t earn money, but they know somebody who does. Maybe I wasn’t a customer but they were, and it was time for me to become a super-aunty.

YouTube has started being a magnificent platform, when the variety of videos started to increase on it.

YouTube Ads: Not Exactly A Video but A Creative Commercial

At first, we are used to watch commercials on TVs and billboards, then the commercials took their places on the digital platforms such as YouTube. Brands and people who have something to sell or promote record commercial videos for their stuff and upload it to YouTube. I know that I’m still not talking about the effects of YouTube Ads, but be patient because I like to take baby steps. (And I also like these babies.)

Here are my favourite commercial ads on YouTube:


Note - based on a true story: Honestly, I watch the whole serie of “Never Say No to A Panda” commercial when I want to cheer myself up.

Effects of YouTube Ads Depend on Your Target Audience

If an ad is creative, I am always willing to spend my time for it, even if it takes longer than an hour; but, if it’s not creative or in my field of interest, I just wait for the skip button, like everybody else does.

YouTube has loads of different ad formats to help you maximise your ad revenue. Because of its variety, the effectiveness of YouTube Ads always depends on doing the right thing. And this “right thing” depends on the YouTube Ads format you choose.

Of course, great content will find its audience in the end, but sometimes it takes too much time and you shouldn’t wait for it. Find and run the best ad format of YouTube for you, and let your target audience find the video content you’ve produced for them.

What do you understand when you see a title like “Effects of YouTube Ads” on Google search results? It has a huge impact for sure but, what kind of effects are these? I think the effects of YouTube Ads should have been thought both sides. First side includes the effects like boosting brand awareness, sales or driving more traffic to website. And the other side includes the emotional feelings on people.

1. Effects of YouTube Ads to Grow Your Business

1.1. Increase Sales

1.2. Reach More People - Build Your Brand Awareness

1.3. Drive More Traffic to Your Website

2. Effects of YouTube Ads in Another Way

2.1. The Effects on Children

2.2. Desperately Looking for Ad-Filter, instead of Ad-Block

2.3. Suspicions on Transparency

1. Effects of YouTube Ads to Grow Your Business

Physical values are always about getting benefits from what you do. First you put an input, then you wait for it to turn into something that will give you a valuable output.

Don’t forget that advertisers are going to advertise, and YouTube ads are a part of their job today and also in the future.

1.1. Increase Sales

It’s proven that YouTube is the second most visited search engine in the world. With YouTube Ads, advertisers target people with recent searches for a product, topic or service.

YouTube Statistics 2018
YouTube Statistics 2018

There are several types of YouTube ad formats when you want to grow your business by being involved into the YouTube community. For example, if you are an online retailer, TrueView ads could be a perfect option for you. Viewers of these ads choose to watch, and you as an owner of your business only pay when your ad is actually viewed. Because of TrueView ads are set by interest of the target audience, people are much more likely to take action.

Do you remember the slogan that says “You’re not you when you’re hungry!” from somewhere? (hashtag thesloganwelove). Snickers put one of the most famous slogans on the market. We used this slogan to anyone we knew when they were hungry.

Hey, you’re not you when you’re hungry. Feed your hunger, please.

In 2015, Mr. Bean had a part in the Snickers’ ad. The ad was not specifically for YouTube or TV, but for both. They were testing and hoping to maximise in-store sales. Kantar Worldpanel, which is the biggest consumer panel, measured the correlation between sales and TV activity for SnickersxMr.Bean campaign.

Results of the analysis showed that YouTube ads had driven in-store Snickers sales and delivered better a ROI than TV.

As you see above, you can add a CTA button that is clickable within the YouTube video, and direct them to your service/product URL’s.

The most important thing that you should do is to target your audience in a matchy way.

1.2. Reach More People - Build Your Brand Awareness

YouTube has over 1.8 billion users. Also, according to Omnicore Agency post, YouTube’s total number of daily active users are more than 30 million. It means YouTube is another world and these YouTube ads are the messenger of this world.

According to people who try TrueView Ads, customer experiences, and results of case studies, we can say that TrueView ads are the best way to drive brand engagement on YouTube. By the way, we were - as Kubix Digital, the ones who have tried TrueView ads for one of our client Turk Telekom. Our goal was to reach the audience in the whole customer journey progress and we made it! By 80% of the views came from YouTube TrueView and we achieved almost 3 million views for each video. To read full case study, please check our PPC Case Study for Turk Telekom.

On TrueView ads, advertisers only pay when a user watches the video for 30 seconds, or clicks on your TrueView ad. If the ad is not in their interest, they can skip after the first 5 seconds; this is one of the reasons why digital marketers are calling it the best. It’s like win-win. You will pay for a user who chooses to watch it. Research shows that people who choose to watch ads are 10 times more likely to share other content from your channel or subscribe to your channel.

If you want to build a brand awareness, tell your story. Show that you empathize with your target audience and try them to do it, too. If you have a memorable story, the only thing you should do is start sharing it.

With telling your point in these videos, you will get a ton of information about your audience and how they react on your video. Are they skipping it? Are they watching until the end and click your CTA button? After analyzing all of these situations on YouTube Analytics, you can give another direction to your content if you see that you need to change something, or you can rely on doing what you do, if everything is on the right path.

In Stephanie Syberg’s story, she already knew what people needed and have been looking for, when being outside with their furry friends. Every single pet owner wants to make their pet feel comfortable. She got the insights from the real world, and then made it a business. She started with just $5 a day for video advertising and targeted the people who were interested in helping their healing pets.

1.3. Drive More Traffic to Your Website

You see in-stream ads when you search for a video on YouTube and just click on the title of it. It plays before the video that you exactly want to watch. Marketers are allowed to make some customizations in videos like different CTAs and highlighted texts in the skippable in-stream ads.

In-Stream YouTube Ad Format Sample - Grammarly
In-Stream YouTube Ad Format Sample - Grammarly

In this Grammarly sample, the CTA button with the green background put the people in action and make them visit the web site. Before clicking, people understood that when they wanted to click on it, they don’t need to stop the video because they knew that it would be opening in a new tab. Those kind of factors like text, color, message etc. are too important when you want them to do something.

2. Effects of YouTube Ads in Another Way

Besides everything I’ve been talking about till now, there is another side of the YouTube ads and from the results of this side’s analysis you can learn something and update your to-do list, or you can insist on doing what you were doing in the first place.

2.1. The Effects on Children

All media channels that includes YouTube have negative effects on children’s attitudes, however, they can be controlled by parents to some degree.

In the beginning of this blog post, I told a story about my nephews and the ad effects on them. As you see, they’re programmed by their birth to want anything they see. If they see another child eating an ice-cream in -30 degree, they can cry for it. If they watch a video about their favourite toy and find out that they don’t have all the figures to complete the serie, they can cry for it. (I can give you lots of examples about this topic, but I don’t want to bother you.)

Besides them wanting everything to be bought for them, also a wrong-targeted ad could come up in their video and they would be obliged to watch it.

YouTube Kids Parental Guide gives you a control to protect your child from any negative effects.

Go for the “Watch YouTube Kids” tab and click “Ads in YouTube Kids”

If you don’t still feel comfortable with what you read on that page, you can also click on “Customize your child’s experience: Block Content in YouTube Kids.”

2.2. Desperately Looking for Ad-Filter, instead of AdBlock

Some people are desperately looking for Ad-Filter, instead of AdBlock because they thought these ads were too many, too intrusive, and too creepy.

According to one of HubSpot’s research,

“91% of people say ads are more intrusive today than 2-3 years ago,

87% say there are more ads in general than 2-3 years ago, and

79% feel like they're being tracked by retargeted ads.”

I’m always searching on Google when I am planning to write a blog post. There is this big-big-big online business magazine and I always check there because I know it’s the most updated website - and I usually find whatever I am looking for. They have this autoplay ads and everytime it makes me feel like I have to close the web page.

Also non-skippable video ads have some negative effects on people. If you don’t target in advance and your ad sucks, please don’t force people into your ad because they will hate it.

2.3. Suspicions on Transparency

YouTube’s Ad Policies are clear. Advertisers m-u-s-t be okay with that, otherwise viewers are going to stop watching them because they don’t believe advertisers are sharing what they use or believe, or just want to create a marketplace for that product.

Conclusion: Effects of YouTube Ads

Believe or not, YouTube and its advertising formats build an incredible platform for people who want to share their story. If you have a story to tell… If you have an e-commerce website and want to sell... If you have lots of how-to videos to spread out to people who need your product… Just start from somewhere. Here is your first step to make your voice being heard and the best ultimate YouTube SEO guide to corroborate your knowledge.



Post date: 19 Sep 2018

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