Google Ads Tips: 5 Most Influential Remarketing Audiences For E-Commerce

One of the most effective marketing strategies in Google Ads is using remarketing lists to retarget users who have previously visited your website. During this pandemic period, where marketing budgets decreased dramatically, one of the best ways to effectively use the existing budget is to take advantage of remarketing strategies.

I want to give an example from online retail industry. We live in days where the quality of the audience that we target is more important than the quantity of it. We can say that users who come closest to the purchasing behavior are audiences with the expected quality.

These are the 5 audiences that we have selected among the audiences that will positively affect the performance of your ads and increase the conversion rate in line with the performance. You can build these audiences using Google Analytics and target them with remarketing campaigns.

  1. Users Who Reviewed Your Product But Did Not Purchase: You can choose a specific product, brand and category or just simply target all products.
  2. Users Who Made A Search Within Your Site: You should pay attention to whether the query parameter is defined correctly and make sure that it enables in-site search tracking.
  3. Users Who Added Products Into The Basket But Did Not Purchase: Make sure that the “add to the basket” activity is working properly.
  4. Users Who Left At The Payment Page: You can specify the payment page as the exit page and target it.
  5. Google Analytics Smart Lists: A list prepared by Google Analytics, based on past conversion data, forecasting which users are more likely to convert. The Important part here, is the definition of conversion (if we have conversions other than sales, it will also consider them) and making sure that this conversion is also defined as conversion within Google Ads.

With the diversification of website structures, there may be situations where this classic funnel structure does not fit on some websites. General user behavior may differ on the path to conversion. Effectiveness of remarketing strategies can be increased by paying attention to the user's conversion journey and their path from the first contact to conversion.

Post date: 21 Apr 2020

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