Google Partners Accelerate Event & Premier Partner Awards 2016 – And The Winner Is…

This year’s Google Partners Accelerate took place on December 4th & 5th in Dublin, Ireland. We, as Kubix Digital, had the privilege to take part at this event, which was held exclusively for the top 200 agencies in EMEA.

This was the third Google Partners Accelerate Event and what was new this time was that Google introduced the Google Premier Partner Awards to recognize and reward innovation and outstanding performance in digital advertising across Europe, Middle East and Africa.

So, this year you had to be shortlisted to be even invited to the event. And, yes, we made it!!!

We were shortlisted for the Award in Search Performance with our client Mavi Jeans and what we have heard from the Google Partners team was that the competition for the shortlist was tough as lots of strong applications were received.

The event was spread over 1.5 days and kicked off with a networking evening on December 4th in the Clayton Hotel bar. This was a great start to get to know other agencies from all across EMEA. We talked with agencies from Greece, Finland, South Africa, Italy and Denmark that night.

Google had introduced an App exclusively for this event that we started using for networking before the event even started. So this app had a very good icebreaking role for that evening to say hello to the agencies that we already interacted with through the app. The great food, the drinks and the Irish musicians made this a fun night.

The next day the conference was held at the Foundry at the Google HQ’s. The day was packed with a good mix of speakers from Google and external, covering a range of various topics.

For example we heard a very interesting talk from Helen Tynan, who heads up the People Ops for Google EMEA. She was giving us great insights on how Google continuously improves its hiring process and how important it is to hire the right people. Besides all the stats and data she said that it’s sometimes important to listen to your “inner guts”.

Here are the other key takeaways from the speeches of the event, we tried summarizing below:

Opening Speech “Catching the next wave” by Marcin Karnowski:

He presented the digital innovation waves and that innovation today is coming in even faster waves. With this he dived into “Mobile First” and gave some stats about how mobile ad spend had surpassed Desktop spend.

Marcin Karnowski Google Premier Partner Awards 2016
Marcin Karnowski Google Premier Partner Awards 2016

The next speech was from Thomas Husson from Forrester on Key Digital Trends:

Everyone somehow knows something about most disruptive technologies (IoT, AI and extended reality, like oculus), but Thomas shared his opinion and tried to give real examples, based on different brands and he tried to give us time frames, when and how these technologies will play a major role in our lives. How, as an example AI is going to develop. He closed the loop with focusing on mobile (which was, as you can tell, the main purpose of the whole event). He talked about the mobile experience and on how only a few brands deliver a good customer service. His Key Takeaways were to prepare for disruptive technologies in the next 5 years but prioritize people and to combine systems of insights and systems of engagement to deliver more contextual experiences.

Thomas Husson Key Digital Trends Google Premier Partner Awards 2016
Thomas Husson Key Digital Trends Google Premier Partner Awards 2016

Next up was Ben Tyson with “Winning the Biggest Opportunities in the Smallest Moments”. Ben Tysons presentation was entertaining. The content of the presentation wasn't new to us, but the way he presented it was really good. He showed lots of stats and normally lots of stats stand for boringness, but his presentation was catchy. Mobile first, micro moments and the importance of data were the buzzwords here. For example, did you know that 62% of smartphone users are more likely to take action right away because of smartphones?

Ben Tyson Google Premier Partner Awards 2016
Ben Tyson Google Premier Partner Awards 2016

An outstanding presentation by Nathalie Nahai on “How to Make Engaging Content” followed. Nathalie Nahai could deliver us what stands behind the secrets of psychology in terms of the different levels primal, emotional and rational. The persuasive content became crystal clear.

The videos she showed us related to her presentation were chosen well and didn’t leave a dry eye in the audience. One for example was this one: Try to watch it without crying!

“Insights that Matter” by Luigi Reggiani, Analyst & Data Evangelist at Google spoke on how much time we spent actually digital per day and that 61% of interactions start on mobile devices, but end somewhere else. The case studies he showed us were informative, but the speech as such was not as catchy as some of the other ones had been.

After this talk a panel on “The Role of the Agency in 2016” took place.

The panel was with a client from Telecommunications in Slovakia and an agency that was founded around 5 months ago. The client was talking about expectations they had from an agency and the agency talked about delivering good service and building a good client/agency relationship. Here we would have loved to listen to a more international brand and a more established agency being in business for longer years.

“The Future of Talent” by Elisabeth Kelan was another very informative speech about Millennials and on how to deal with them and understand their expectations from a job.

Professor Kelan spoke about the importance of creating a workplace that allows learning through new experiences and time for reflection. Her point of how the world of work is different now than it was before was eye opening. Todays generation doesn’t stay 30 years in one company they have an average of 5-6 different career paths throughout their work life. A workplace today has to give continual “feed forward” to its employees, as there is the constant need of Millennials to check back if they achieve the desired skill set to be employable.

The final speech given was on “How Prosperity Evolves” by Matt Ridley.

To sum it up this gave us the chance to listen to a perfect presenter and keynote speaker with an inspiring speech with great content. The way he interacted, his little jokes in between, in combination with his profound knowledge rounded up the sessions at the Foundry. We enjoyed his British accent and his British humor.

Matt Ridley Google Premier Partner Awards 2016
Matt Ridley Google Premier Partner Awards 2016

After this fully packed conference we went back to the hotel to get ready for the Awards Dinner. We were quite nervous when the Awards Ceremony actually began right away with the category we were nominated for: Search Performance. In this category there were 90 more agencies listed with us, so that we didn’t get the award in the end wasn’t a surprise for us. We now know how Leonardo di Caprio must have felt all these years. But in the end he got one, and so will we, if we continue succeeding with our clients. Nevertheless, we had a great time at the dinner and later dancing to the live performing juke-boxing act “The Duke”.

Google Premier Awards
Google Premier Awards

Overall the Google Partners Accelerate Event 2016 gave us lots of opportunity for networking and hearing about the latest trends and insights. We can now use those for our agency and clients to help them develop their online performance and get them ready to catch the next wave with a strong focus on mobile, mobile & mobile.

So Google, thank you and see you next year again, where this time we hope to write about this:

And the winner is…Kubix Digital!

Post date: 14 Dec 2016

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