The Most Popular Google Search Terms of 2018 Uncensored; Revealing What We Actually Wanted To Know

2018 was a wild ride - from the World Cup and the Royal Wedding to weird Fortnite dance-moves, the fall of the bitcoin and the loss of Avicii, Anthony Bourdain and Stephen Hawking. And, what do we do when something new, crazy, exciting, spectacular, weird, shocking happens? - we go straight to Google of course, and research the hell out of it. Actually, we go to Google for literally ALL of our questions. Questions only the internet seems to know the answer of, questions we are too embarrassed to ask face-to-face, or questions that need immediate and clear steps - plus, for anything else we are just dying to know.

Sooo, we went on a quest to find the most popular search terms of 2018, and then deep-dive into what you all ACTUALLY wanted to find out. We’ve used our favorite keyword tool to pull the search data and spent hours & days scanning through trillions of keywords, to find the most interesting searches - all, with just one purpose: to make you smile!

* the search volumes mentioned in the tables are expressed as average yearly search volumes.

Topic 1: Social Media

Let’s start with social media, being one of the most searched topics on the internet. Facebook alone has a search volume of over 24 billion (!) searches in 2018, which is about 2 million each month. Insane right - but let’s not forget that the Facebook leak and Cambridge Analytica data scandal may have had a huge share in this, too. Second up is YouTube, with more than 1,5 million monthly searches on average - YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world and watching videos is just getting more popular year by year.

Keywords Search Volume 2018
Facebook 24,720,000,000
YouTube 20,160,000,000
Instagram 2,220,000,000
Twitter 997,200,000
LinkedIn 446,400,000

LinkedIn is the least popular social media channel of the five, which sometimes made us wonder:

Keyword Search Volume 2018
Is LinkedIn dead 600

Let’s not tell this to Jeff Weiner, right?

The one thing our social media searches on Google have in common, is how we can get rid of our accounts; but the funny part is - the one social media account we don’t always want to delete, starts deleting accounts by itself now, too:

Keyword Search Volume 2018
Why did Instagram delete my account 2,040

OK - since Facebook is the most popular social media channel of them all, let’s see what we wonder about this well-known social media channel; more importantly, what we can do with it and use it for. Surprisingly (or maybe not) 43 thousand of you searched to find out if Facebook can be used as a dating site, or if it can be helpful to get some hookups - not just Facebook, but also LinkedIn we would like to use for dating. On Twitter we are just curious who has dared to block us and on Instagram we want to know that whenever we take a screenshot, if the person is going to be notified (ooops) - the answer is NO; you can continue screenshotting, you little creep!

Keywords Search Volume 2018
Does Instagram notify when you screenshot 97,200
Twitter who blocked me 52,800
Facebook as a dating site 43,200
Facebook for hookups 43,200
Is LinkedIn a dating site 3,120

Come on admit it, aren’t we all stalkers? And who can imagine a life without social media or even meeting someone who doesn’t use social media?

Topic 2: Celebrities

Oh boy - we just have so many questions about the celebs that we have to get answered. Especially knowing who the father of the celebrity is, is super-important. Right? According to the search volumes, it sure is:

Keywords Search Volume 2018
Meghan Markle father 2,952,000
Kim Kardashian’s dad 177,600
Elon Musk dad34,800
Messi dad 19,200

Moms? Not so interesting.

Meghan Markle is just lovely. Not only are we curious about her father, also Meghan’s mom, sister, best friend, and even grandparents we want to get to know - and besides that, the princess herself.

Keywords Search Volume 2018
Meghan Markle 199,200,000
Meghan Markle mom 1,086,000
Meghan Markle sister 726,000
Meghan Markle best friend 64,800
Meghan Markle grandparents 8,640

Moving on to the celebrity football players, Ronaldo & Messi were in hot-debate this year (actually, they always are). Who of the two is actually better? And besides wondering about Messi’s impressive beard, why doesn’t Ronaldo has one anno 2018?

Keywords Search Volume 2018
Ronaldo vs Messi 2,952,000
Is Ronaldo or Messi better 142,200
Messi beard 79,200
Can Ronaldo grow a beard 480

While we adore everything about Ronaldo; his neck, arm, his abs, teeth & eyebrows, we ask ourselves: why is Messi even famous?

Keywords Search Volume 2018
Ronaldo abs 52,800
Ronaldo teeth 34,800
Ronaldo eyebrows 7,080
Ronaldo neck 5,760
Ronaldo arm 2,520
Why Messi is famous 1,680

Topic 3: Sports

2018 was a dream for every sports-lover; first there were the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, and a couple of months later the Fifa World Cup took place in Russia.

Keywords Search Volume 2018
World Cup 298,800,000
Winter Olympics 133,200,000

Let’s start with the Winter Olympics. There were 2,922 athletes from 92 different nations joining the games, competing with each other in 7 sports. Figure skating and skeleton were the most researched Winter Olympics-sports in 2018, and especially finding out which country won the most medals this olympics and in all-time, was super important to all of us - it is and remains a competition, after all.

While we were focused on the opening and closing ceremonies, medalists, all past Winter Olympics and their hosting countries, as well as the countries joining - we also needed a break from this Winter Olympic madness and just laugh about it all:

Keywords Search Volume 2018
Winter Olympics wardrobe malfunctions 177,600
Winter Olympics fails 8,640
Winter Olympics fun facts 5,760
Winter Olympics jokes 3,840

Talking about jokes - this one made us smile


Oh, and this below was a mistake we hope - it’s almost 2019, and you are looking for the Winter Olympics that are going to take place a century later. Take it easy, we first have the Winter Olympics in 2022, 2026, 2030, 2034, and 246 more Winter Olympics ahead of us - be patient.

Keyword Search Volume 2018
Winter Olympics 3018 1,080

All right, enough about the Winter Olympics, just 4 months later the World Cup Football or Soccer (whichever you prefer) took place; what we are referring to, is the FIFA World Cup 2018. Which countries were joining, who is in which group, what does the schedule look like, what are the predictions - and further in the tournament - what are the scores and standings, can we see the highlights back, and who won the World Cup; you know - just the typical searches.

And while you would think that during the World Cup the players get our utmost attention; you’re wrong. Apparently we have other things to worry about. The song, ball and fans are way more important than the players, duhh:

Keywords Search Volume 2018
World Cup song 397,200
World Cup ball 325,200
World Cup hosts 145,200
World Cup referees 79,200
World Cup fans 79,200
World Cup players 64,800

All in all; we just can’t get enough of the Fifa World Cup - in fact, we are already looking forward to buying our next World Cup tickets:

Keywords Search Volume 2018
World Cup tickets 2026 397,200
World Cup tickets 2022 325,200

Topic 4: Movies & TV Shows

We loooove watching Netflix and going to the Cinema, don’t we. But before we go and watch, we have to make sure we are going to enjoy it and not waste our time. We search for trailers, the cast, reviews, ratings, and the endings - whaaat, endings? Yes, no lie; some of us go straight to Google to find out how a movie or series is going to end or to look for spoilers.

Keywords Search Volume 2018
How does Handmaid’s Tale end 8,640
How does Black Panther end 5,760
Spoilers Game of Thrones Season 8 5,760
How did Infinity War end 3,840

Another weird thing we like to do to every single movie and series on the planet, is searching for a quiz to find out which character we most look like. Why? For fun I guess. Maybe we want our personalities to match with the character we like, maybe we see the movie characters as a role-model to us and want to be just like them, or maybe it makes us tough and a total badass when we find out our character looks like a villain - hehehe.

Keywords Search Volume 2018
Which Stranger Things character are you 97,200
What Marvel character are you 43,200
Character quiz Games of Thrones 28,000

Topic 5: Food

We’ve came up with some high-trending diets this year; especially the strict Keto (Ketogenic) diet was super popular in 2018. But before we even lay our finger on this high-fat, low-carb diet, we first need to have some of our questions answered by diet-specialist Google. Does it work, is following a Keto diet dangerous, how do we make Keto-proof peanut butter cookies, can we read some before and after stories, we do need to get familiar with the Keto-rules first, and then .. what’s the deal that once we started the diet, we aren’t losing any weight.

Keywords Search Volume 2018
Keto diet 40,200,000
Ketogenic peanut butter cookies 266,400
Keto not losing weight 145,200
Does Keto diet work 79,200
Is Keto dangerous 43,200

Funny is that even though we are planning to follow a diet, we don’t want to stick with salads & juices. We don’t want to give up our good old snack nights. What we want is junk food, brownies, pizza, we want to drink beer (of course all Keto) - and once we’ve decided a Ketogenic diet is totally our thing, we want our kids to join in and lose some weight, too.

Keywords Search Volume 2018
Keto pizza 594,000
Ketogenic brownies 397,000
Ketogenic beer 79,200
Ketogenic junk food 8,640
Is Keto safe for kids 3,840

Topic 6: Technology

With the Iphone XS and XR released just 2 months ago, Iphone X got our full attention throughout 2018 - but is it worth to get an Iphone X, isn’t it just overrated and insanely overpriced, and can we maybe find it for $1 (seriously, 1 dollar? Keep on dreaming, but if you did find it, let us know!)

Keywords Search Volume 2018
iPhone X 244,800,000
iPhone X worth it 43,200
iPhone X $1 8,650
iPhone X overpriced 3,840
iPhone X overrated 2,520

Hang on, this is even better - getting the brand new Samsung Galaxy S9 for free.

Keyword Search Volume 2018
Samsung S9 0$ 1,320

In August, Samsung brought the Samsung Galaxy S9 to the market, but apparently we have forgotten how to send an ordinary text message with all those handy apps on the market - or isn’t the S9 designed for normal phone-features like sending an SMS? .. interesting.

Keyword Search Volume 2018
Samsung S9 text message 4,680

Here at Kubix, we are all dedicated iPhone users - maybe you can let us know how to send a text message with a Samsung S9, below in the comments :)

Topic 7: Bitcoin

All right, it’s time to bring the buzzword of the year: Bitcoin. With the Bitcoin slowly increasing over the years and with a speedy-boost to the top in 2017, it suddenly kept on dropping and dropping in 2018. Now what? Is it still worth to invest in the Bitcoin, what is the future of the Bitcoin going to look like, or is it totally dead? Many questions came to our minds and we relied fully on the internet to support us in the decisions we would make.

Keywords Search Volume 2018
Bitcoin 163,200,000
Bitcoin future 1,320,000
Will Bitcoin crash 145,200
Should I buy Bitcoin 118,800
Will Bitcoin go back up 64,800
Bitcoin buy or sell 19,200

Bonus Topic: Digital Marketing

Last one. Since we are digital marketers, we want to find out what makes you curious about our ever-changing, exciting industry. What are you searching for when Google makes crazy changes again, can we keep up with all the trends, and just; what’s up with the artificial intelligence in 2018 - should we be getting worried that robots are going to take over the world?

Keywords Search Volume 2018
Artificial Intelligence 6,600,000
Artificial Intelligence benefits 52,800
Artificial Intelligence dangerous 15,600

Though we are more curious about the benefits of artificial intelligence than we are scared of it, we do still have some disturbing questions in mind. Because, what if ..

Keywords Search Volume 2018
Will Artificial Intelligence replace humans 4,680
Should Artificial Intelligence have human rights 1,080
Does Artificial Intelligence have feelings 600
Is Artificial Intelligence going to dominate the world 120

Creepy, right?

Let’s move on to the one favorite thing a digital marketer can’t live without: Google. All around the world, we search for Google on Google itself, and that about 755 million times a month - uh hello wake up, you are on Google already - followed up by Google Translate and Google Maps.

Keywords Search Volume 2018
Google 49,060,000,000
Google Translate 3,324,000,000
Google Maps 1,812,000,000

Also we like to ask Google things, about Google - just to get to know you better, Google.

Keywords Search Volume 2018
Is Google making us stupid 118,800
Is Google evil 52,800
Does Google know everything 19,200

A free tip to you Google - show up with your own fancy Google search results here at the top of the page. You don’t want to be called evil or stupid, right?

All right dear Google, since we are in an intense relationship with you already (especially thanks to voice search we really dare to ask you direct questions), we want to find out if you are ready to take the next step ..

Keywords Search Volume 2018
What Google thinks about me 2,250
Google would you lie to me 1,680
Google would you marry me 1,080
Have Google call me 600

By the way - check out our podcast where we discuss the weird things we ask about Google on Google with you.

Besides all that, we were extremely concerned about SEO’s health in 2018 ..

Keywords Search Volume 2018
Is SEO dead 10,560
Is SEO dying 1,080
SEO will be dead in 2 years 120

.. but also hesitated whether paid search campaigns were going to save our little friend:

Keyword Search Volume 2018
Does PPC help SEO 360

The answer: well sorry guys, not directly. So are we going to say bye-bye to SEO in 2019? - We don’t think so. And just so you know; there are queries like that for more than a decade now, no worries.

Stay tuned to what we are going to share about Digital Marketing in 2019 and until that time; HAPPY NEW YEAR & keep on Google-ing!

Post date: 14 Dec 2018

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