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SEO Expert Wanted

Highly skilled technical background with the ability to write effective content. Must have experience in front-end development, usability expertise, data analysis, reporting, and server maintenance skills. Also, must have experience with PR, copywriting and distribution, blogging, social media marketing, paid marketing and defining marketing strategies...

Aah, I’m balled up…this proves that SEOs are being asked to do an awful lot. But is it right to give all these tasks and responsibilities to a single SEO? No, I don’t think so.

To me, a person who has a technical background may not be the best person to handle writing your title tags, meta descriptions or defining the content strategy. What makes a successful technical SEO isn’t always the same talent as what makes someone successful defining marketing strategies or writing good content.

Actually, there is no 'typical SEO Person'

SEO nowadays needs to be linked with many different disciplines. As with the new era of holistic SEO; how people engage with your brand, product, and service is getting more important. Therefore it is getting more and more important that the SEO expert not only focuses on the technical SEO audit and implementation, but also sees the bigger marketing picture and is able to define user-centric marketing strategies.

the perfect seo expert
the perfect seo expert

In my opinion, you should have a mix of different SEO Personas to build the perfect SEO Team:

Technically minded SEO Person

This person knows all the technical pitfalls of a website. He or she probably has the ability to use tools to analyze website development issues. This person is very comfortable with coding but may have difficulties in communicating issues.

Marketing oriented SEO Person

This person has a strong passion for marketing. He/She loves doing research and is able to use the findings from keyword research and competitive analysis to draft the perfect content marketing strategy. The marketing oriented person is able to revise the website’s information architecture

and therefore knows your persona’s needs exactly

Social Media/Link Building SEO Person

He/She is a fantastic communicator. The ability to reach out to the right bloggers, influencers and his/her extensive network of ‘friends’ makes him/her an outreach superstar. This person is all about driving authority for the website through link generation.

SEO Project Manager

Solid project management is the key if you expect any work to get done and any results to be achieved. The proper coordination of different SEO people and the ability to oversee the SEO project is an important task. The SEO project manager should ideally have a general knowledge of all the areas above, but also a good understanding of trends, industry insights, market analysis, and data. The project manager should be able to create an SEO strategy & plan, analyze the performance and interpret the results.

Ideally, you could also split the above groups into more specialized persons depending on the complexity of your SEO project. You could hire a much more extensive team, like copywriters, web designers, web developers, analytics experts, conversion rate optimizers, social media strategists, PPC experts etc.

Depending on your needs, it often makes sense to outsource this to a good SEO agency. You get full coverage with a team with varied expertise.


It is not easy to describe ‘THE perfect SEO Person’. But still, there are some sort of principles and way of thinking a SEO-minded Digital Marketer should have. Some of these principles are quite new and not very common - for example, the focus on 'Holistic SEO'. Especially if you are new to search engine optimization, this is something you have to pay attention to.

Halide Ebcinoğlu
26 Feb 2017

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