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Update: Also in 2019, is Kubix Digital recognized as Turkey's and Eastern Europe's top B2B service provider by Clutch.

For more than a decade, we have been working with clients from all over the world, using our extensive experience to make their website, brand, and company as visible as possible. Our focus on search engine marketing has made us a global leader when it comes to converting searchers into visitors, and visitors into customers.

As a company committed to our clients, we want to highlight our inclusion in Clutch’s ranking of the world’s top search engine marketing services, and our recognition as Turkey’s and Eastern Europe's top B2B service provider in 2018.

What is Clutch?

Clutch is a B2B ratings- and reviews firm - and a great platform to connect tech and marketing firms with potential clients worldwide. Clutch uses a number of metrics (including market presence, accolades, and reviews) to determine which businesses are the best at what they do, across a wide variety of categories: ranging from advertising & marketing, to app development, web design, and IT services.

When it comes to rankings, client reviews are one of the most important factors. Clutch conducts in-depth phone interviews with past and present clients to get their honest information on prices, outcomes, and the quality of the work. Each review carried out online is also double checked, confirmed and verified by Clutch, before ending up on our profile page - making it a very reliable source to find authentic reviews.

kubix digital profile page Clutch co
kubix digital profile page Clutch co

In fact, five of our clients already left us a review on Clutch - and with an average score of 4.7 stars (out of 5), we’re among the top SEM agencies in our locations Turkey & Germany.

Our Clutch Reviews

Though we only have five Clutch reviews so far, these five reviews are very, very valuable to us. They keep us alert and focused. They keep us aware of how we are doing. And most importantly: they keep us striving to work harder and to become better.

The reviews and comments we’ve received on the work we’ve done as well as regarding our agency, make us extremely proud:

"They’re extremely helpful and easy to reach, even in the evenings. Their communication is quite clear, and they offer great support. Kubix Digital is a true partner. They have great knowledge of Google Ads and always advise us about new Google products." - Manager, Mavi [shopping campaign case study].
“We’ve seen an increase in search results and conversions because of the digital and offline campaigns from Kubix Digital. Our site traffic has greatly improved since implementing the branded SEO efforts from their team.” - Digital Marketing Executive, KIA [integrated case study].
“Aside from the great results, their professionalism and knowledge stand out the most. They really took time to understand our brand’s values, products, and industry before we kicked off the work. We have a very reliable partnership as a result.” - Digital Marketing Professional, Sandvik Coromant [app campaign case study].
“We haven’t waited for days or even hours for replies to our emails. They get back to us when we ask them a question and they truly consult us. They know what they’re doing. They work as if they were an internal team, not a third-party.” - E-Commerce Director, Oleg Cassini [SEO case study].

Receiving reviews like this align with our work approach and only proves to us that we are on the right track. We are so grateful to all of our clients for the growth we have had, and we are excited to continue growing with you in the future.

Why We Care About Clutch

Every now and then we invest time in updating our Clutch profile by eg. motivating clients to leave us a review (which we are/would be so thankful for if you did), adding our latest work achievements to our portfolio, and updating our key clients list with our newest additions.

And - it proves to be more than worth it! Clutch gives us lots of things in return, like awesome web traffic, conversions, and new clients. Let’s back this up with some data & facts:

kubix digital referral web traffic clutch co google analytics
kubix digital referral web traffic clutch co google analytics

We are a Clutch member now for 1.5 year, but only started optimizing our Clutch profile actively since November. As you see, last quarter Clutch was BY FAR the most beneficial referral source when it comes to gaining inquiries: with our new international client MUZZY BBC, world’s most popular language learning platform for kids, being one of them. Here’s how we started off:

The organization behind MUZZY BBC, Growing Minds, found Kubix Digital when searching for “SEM agencies europe” and other related keyword variations, when our Clutch profile showed up in the SERPs as one of the first. They got in touch with us, we introduced ourselves to each other over Google Hangout (they are in Los Angeles), and the rest is history. In March we conducted a thorough Analytics audit, and since the beginning of April we started running Google Ads campaigns in 6 different countries including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium and Turkey - plus more countries to come in the near future.

What Else Is Clutch?

Powered by Clutch, The Manifest is set up to allow potential buyers to quickly browse businesses by service and location. They can look at the work a company does and has done, their prices, and their past clients, all at a glance. We are featured on The Manifest as one of the top 5 SEO consultants in Turkey. Clutch also has a sister site called Visual Objects. Visual Objects is focused on displaying the work of creative and visual design companies, with easy to browse portfolios. The site features companies from a number of industries, including marketers, web designers, and digital marketing agencies.

Post date: 15 Apr 2019

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