Kuby – Our Inspirational Team Member

Today is a very sad day for all of us at the office. We have just heard the sad news that Kuby, Holly's & Şafak's family member & our office's beloved Labrador, had passed away.

We want to dedicate this blog post to Grand Kubilay vom Masurenweg, AKA Kuby, who was born on 30.10.2002 and gave his last breath on 30.12.2017.

When you had to describe Kuby and the way he was you can only list positive characteristics with a smile on your face, because he was just the most lovable, loyal & friendly dog in the whole wide world. That's why we only have good and fun memories. 

There are so so many stories about him and with him, but I just want to name a few here that came to my mind when I thought about him yesterday the whole day. 

I met Kuby in Dublin, back in 2005, when he was just 3 years old and in dog years he was just a teenager, crazy, wild and full of energy. He greeted me with a kiss, layed his legs on my shoulder and was just about my size standing up.

I remember once Holly came to the office in a pair of crutches as Kuby ran her over on the beach playing with another dog. He was such a playful and lively dog, but of course also a well educated one that would only understand German as he was a graduate from a German dog school. He is a full breed and a true aristocrat with a family tree that is longer than mine for sure. Holly and Şafak got Kuby from a well-known dog breeder in Germany when he was just 9 1/2 weeks old. 

Labrador Baby Kuby
Labrador Baby Kuby

Kuby was an amazing swimmer and unstoppable eater. To the eating part I will come later, but here is a fun story about his swimming skills. 

Back in summer of 2010 when we just founded our agency Kuby visited us at my family’s house in Çeşme. When Kuby saw the swimming pool without waiting another second he jumped straight in and we were all in shock. There was no way we were able to get him out there. I think he swam, jumped, dived for at least 2 hours. The next day he was sick at least we all thought that. His tail was down, (it’s normally always up and when its down it’s a sign for illness) and he looked sad. Şafak drove him to the vet, but when we found out that this was all because his tail was sore due to all the swimming sessions he had. We had to laugh so hard, poor boy. From that day on there was no heavy diving for him any longer, but of course from time to time he took a dip into the sea as he absolutely loved water. 

Kuby - the big swimming labrador
Kuby - the big swimming labrador

Besides swimming what Kuby loved most was eating. We think that if you gave him unlimited food he would eat and eat and eat until passing out. By the way, it’s not just eatable things he was after. He also loved trash bags, ski socks, toys, etc. that all came out from one or the other direction…”no more details please” I hear you screaming.

He also loved farting. In our office back in Göktürk, he came to work every day, slept for almost 8 hours in Şafak’s & Serdar’s office, but would come over to the girls room to drop a smell :) Each time he did that we had to laugh so much and tried to get fresh air.

Kuby our dog in the office
Kuby our dog in the office

Kuby just loved everybody. He was so full of love that he would let everybody crawl him, kids would ride on him and all that. On a side note: I have never ever heard him bark. That’s how he was.

Kuby was also Ela's best friend. They have been together since she was born and thats almost 7 years ago now. She will miss him so much. This blog post is also for her, when she will be bigger, she can read here about him. Ela, this video is for you:

When we named our company Kubix, after Kuby who was our inspiration to our agency’s name, we also hoped that he brings us luck and that our company will be as positive and honest as he was. His name will live on in our company forever and we will never forget the way he made us all feel.

I wish my partners, Holly & Şafak, a lot of strength to go through his loss that shook us all. Because of the endless love and care of Holly and Şafak he had such a long and very happy life.

We will always remember you as the best dog & friend in the world. See you again!

Loss of our dog
Loss of our dog

“Nobody can fully understand the meaning of love unless he’s owned a dog. A dog can show you more honest affection with a flick of his tail than a man can gather through a lifetime of handshakes.” – Gene Hill 

02 Jan 2018

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