Want To Become A Digital Marketer? Here's How To Land Your First Job

So, you want to find a job in digital marketing – smart move!

Digital marketing is one of the most challenging, exciting and fast-paced industries you can work in, and I can guarantee you; you won’t be bored, ever. Both your creative and analytical talents are needed, making it a very diverse field to work in. And it’s true; no day is the same. But hey, how do you prepare yourself for a career in digital marketing? – that’s the question.

Oh, before you continue reading let me tell you that SEO Specialists and Content Marketers are in greater demand than ever this year! The number of job openings for SEO & Content is growing year over year with more than 30 %, so really: now is the right time to make that move in your career.

Learn To Become A Digital Marketer

Digital Marketing Studies (?)

For some professions its obvious – architects study architecture, journalists study journalism, and biologists study biology. But what exactly does a digital marketer-to-be, study?

Well, there is not one university program that prepares you directly into becoming a digital marketer. What you could do, is to get ready for a job in the business environment first, by obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Business Administrations. This way you will get familiar with the business environment, the different departments that exists in an organization, and common business terminology; which comes in handy!

Ok, You’ve Got Your Bachelor Degree in Your Pocket. What’s Next?

Job hunting, woo-ho!

That woo-ho feeling might disappear fast when you discover that finding your very first digital marketing job isn’t so easy after all. Oh boy – I know; I just graduated, didn’t had any work experience in digital marketing, and on top of all that I wanted to find my dream job in a country of which I didn’t speak the language and which required me to have a work permit. Mission impossible, right.

Ok, let’s forget about the going-abroad-and-required-work-permit-thing for now – finding a digital marketing job alone is already challenging enough. It’s almost impossible to find your first job when you don’t have any experience. But, you can’t get that experience without finding that first job. Uh, so what to do?

Well, lucky you: there are many things that you could do, starting today!

Tips To Stand Out As A Digital Marketer

Let’s start by saying that although a degree in Business Administrations might give you an advantage on paper, if you haven’t followed such a study there is no need to lose hope. When hiring digital marketers, employers often look for experience and (proven) skills – things that you could easily obtain. Follow these tips and land yourself into that digital marketing job of your dreams.

Learn, Learn & Learn

There is so much to learn about digital marketing – really! To start with; just like any other industry, digital marketing has its own vocabulary. Terms like SEO, SEM, CRO are used on a daily basis, so you would want to make sure that you know what it means, and, most importantly, what it exactly stands for. Blogs and articles written by professionals could help you to understand the countless terms and their roles in the digital world.

If reading is not your thing; consider following an online course. There are many free and paid learning platforms available that will teach you the basics through videos. One of my favorites: Lynda. Lynda has – literally – thousands of courses focusing on digital marketing alone. Each course consists of different chapters, and each chapter again has different videos focusing on a specific subject. At the end of the chapter, you will get a small quiz to test what you’ve just learned. After you’ve completed the course, a Certificate of Completion will be generated just for you. So get certified, because hey: bachelor degree or not, certifications give you credibility.

Oh wait, I haven’t given you the best thing about Lynda, yet; they designed specific learning paths where industry experts teach you all the knowledge and skills you need for your career. And – woohoo – there is a Become A Digital Marketer learning path, too! Within 18 hours you are prepped for a career in digital marketing – what more could you ask for.


☆ Tip: Although digital marketing doesn’t require any coding skills, being able to code is considered a huge plus! HTML, Javascript, Css – I’ve learned them through Codecademy. There are many other coding platforms out there as well; just try and pick the one you liked the most. The more you know, the better.

Get Experience

Once you understand the digital marketing terms and know how it all works, why not test your knowledge by bringing it into practice. Following an internship in a digital marketing agency or organization that has its own digital marketing department, would be a great start. Take for example our lovely digital marketing intern Yiğit: he tells you all about how he, in his own words, “landed a dream internship and maybe a future job” in the digital marketing scene.

If an internship is not an option, no worries – there are plenty of ways to start experimenting on your own, too. Create your own blog and start optimizing it, offer your help to friends and family members who own a small business and could use some online presence, and what about approaching non-profit organizations to give your services voluntarily; they are probably eager to have you on board.

What it all comes down to, is that the more you are able to show your drive, passion and interest to an employer, the better the chances of getting the job.


No – not to the internet; connect to people!

Attending meetups and conferences is a great way to get to know what's happening in the digital world. Visit, if you are in Istanbul, the free monthly meetups of Women.Digital. Women.Digital hosts female experts and leaders in the digital marketing field to share their best practices, knowledge and experiences with the audience – and it’s not just for women, men are welcome too. Check Eventbrite or any other online event platform regularly to find out if and when relevant meetups or conferences are taking place in your area. And, while visiting such event, talk to the experts themselves; connecting with professionals can be hugely beneficial for your career. If you are not able to network, connect through digital means; add them on LinkedIn, or maybe join their conversations on Twitter.

Got The Knowledge & Experience. Ready To Apply Now?

Hold on, you are almost there.

Almost every human resource manager – especially those in digital marketing – will research you on Google and check out your social media profiles before even considering to hire you. Whereas your posts might get a lot of likes from your friends, it could also cost you a potential job. Make sure you clean up the accounts and remove anything you wouldn’t want your future employer to see. Instead, use your social media to your advantage; post relevant market and industry news, perhaps. The profile you should focus on the most is LinkedIn, as that’s where you present your online resume. Make sure it is complete, up-to-date, and search engine optimize your profile with words you want to be associated with (& hereby, also bring your just-learned digital marketing skills into practice!).

Yes, now you are ready to apply! You just have to make sure that your resume you send along with the application, is up-to-date. Add the new skills and experiences you’ve acquired, courses you’ve completed and certificates you’ve obtained, and all other relevant information that most likely will convince your future employer that you can do the job.

☆ Tip: With Canva you can prepare the most well-structured, original, and cool-looking resumes that definitely will grab the attention of the HR team. Create your own, or pick one of the many (100+) free templates Canva offers.


Ok, my last bit of advice (really the last one): always send a cover letter along with your resume. Companies would really appreciate it when they see that you took the time to write a nice, personalized cover letter; plus, (1) it gives your resume more power, (2) tells the employer who you are and why they should hire you, (3) shows your writing ability, and (4) the employer sees that you are serious about the position.

Now Get That Job!


This is the number of open digital marketing positions worldwide, offered on LinkedIn today. Although that might not seem like a lot, there are more jobs available than there are actually jobless experienced digital marketers. Boost your chances of getting your digital marketing dream job by keeping yourself up-to-date, gain experience, and most importantly, never give up! I’m sure that you too, will find the job of your dreams!

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Post date: 04 May 2018

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