My First Week As A Digital Marketing Intern At Kubix Digital

I still remember the very first moment I was introduced to Kubix Digital. It was at my university’s e-commerce lecture back in April 2017. One of Kubix Digital’s founders, Pınar Ünsal, and a team member told us all we needed to know about Google AdWords for our Google Online Marketing Challenge (GOMC). After they had gone, the class was literately “enlightened” and that was when my interest on digital marketing sparked. Now, as a Newbixer, I will share with you my first impression of Kubix Digital and what I did on my first week as a digital marketing intern.

The First Impression

When I first met Kubix Digital, I had a very limited knowledge about Digital Marketing. Together with my team I had to participate at the GOMC competition and run a Google AdWords campaign to pass the class. As I mentioned before, we had almost no idea about AdWords. I guess Pınar and Aylin knew about this, so they were well prepared for such a zero knowledge audience. During 90 minutes they have managed to teach us the basics of AdWords. They answered every single question, even the most “foolish” ones. The lecture took longer than planned, but they were more than happy to stay and help us go the extra mile. On that lecture, I realized that Kubix Digital was special and different than a regular digital agency. They were caring, professional and providing more than what was could have asked for.

Kubix Digital At Koç University
Kubix Digital At Koç University

After this lecture I started to think about applying for Digital Marketing internship at Kubix Digital. I sent my CV over and was invited to a job interview at their office in Maslak. I guess it all went well and I was ecstatic when I received the call from Pınar telling me that I have landed my “dream” Digital Marketing Internship.

The Magnificent First Week at Kubix Digital

Ah, where should I start?

It received a very warm welcome on Monday morning. Kubix Digital’s team greeted me at the doorstep. This was the first time I met with the whole team. It was clear that every one of them had a unique personality but they also had a great team chemistry. They welcomed me from the heart and wished me the best of luck.

The Welcome Box

Moving to my desk, I immediately saw the Newbixer Welcome Box with balloons around it. Anything a digital marketing intern could ask for was inside this box. The attention to detail was really impressive. The best was the booklet that contained first tasks, office rules and detailed information about the team members. All of this helped me to get know Kubix Digital better. Last, but not least a surprise was waiting for me at the end of the booklet: a coupon for my first Kubix Digital TGIF beer! What else could I ask for? Oh yes, there was also a Kubix Digital Team T-shirt, which was also a nice touch for boosting the team spirit.

Welcome Box Kubix Digital
Welcome Box Kubix Digital

The First Digital Marketing Intern Task

Having a comfortable working environment is a priority at Kubix Digital. Setting up my work place was the first digital marketing intern task to complete. I decorated my desk according to my taste with the items in the welcome box. Next, I completed a personality test. Sharing your own result and reading others’ is an excellent way to get know about your colleagues. The outcome of the test didn’t surprise me as it suggested that I am an “Entrepreneur”. What surprised me was to be the only “Entrepreneur” in the company. There are 16 different personality types in the test and I think having a team with diverse personalities is great.

Orientation and Training

Orientation and training sessions started almost immediately. Work ethics are very important at Kubix Digital, so the first training was on how to get work done in Kubix Digital’s way. I can say that they have the German vision on ethics. As a part of my training, I watched senior colleagues do their work. I think observing is one of the most hands-on ways of learning as I learned a lot from them and am still learning.

Not all of the training was done by Kubix Digital. I also received a training at Google Partners Certified Training Program which was hosted at Dome Istanbul. The training I attended was about Google AdWords Video Advertising. The lecture was taught by a Google employee and it was indeed a great opportunity to participate a “real” lecture as the online course might have left some questions unanswered.

Dome Istanbul is actually like a miniature Google office. Decoration, practicality and the atmosphere were “Google quality”. The training program was also great opportunity for me networking as a digital marketing intern. I met people from various agencies who participate Google Partner’s Academy.

Dome İstanbul
Dome İstanbul

Team Event – Find The Lost Smurf Village

Here comes the most entertaining part of my first week at Kubix Digital, the team event! Pınar prepared an amazing team event for us by arranging some our clients to participate in the game. She divided us into three groups and assigned each group a Smurf name according to the group characteristics. Şafak, Özge and Myself were the “Brainy Smurfs” group. The “Smurfettes” group was formed by Halide, Seren and Özge. Lastly, our “Hefty Smurfs” were Serdar, Abdullah and Gökay. It was a perfect event for me to get know my colleagues better (especially the “Brainy Smurfs”) and to have my first client contacts.

Our duty was (obviously) to find the “Lost Smurf Village” and figuring out the password that opens the gate to it. We had to solve mazes, run/drive across Istanbul and answer questions or do tasks related to our clients in their offices. Finding the correct answers and completing the tasks were the ways to receive the maze that points to the next client and lastly, to the “Lost Smurf Village”. Clients also gave us letters which later combined to find the secret password.

I think the most creative host was Juico. They prepared two special detox juices for us and made us guess the ingredients. As we were far from being gourmets, it took some time before we could come up with all the right ingredients.

Although we lost significant time at Juico, we managed to become the first group to find the “Lost Smurf Village” and whisper the password to unlock the gates. It turned out that Pınar made an incredibly smart plan by arranging the game to be over around lunch time and making Big Chef’s restaurant the end point (AKA “Lost Smurf Village”). The password that unlocked the gate of this restaurant was a nice touch as well. If you are curious what it was “Small, but mighty” was the password for a perfect lunch.

You can watch here all about this special Team building event:

I shared with you my amazing first week’s experience here at Kubix Digital. Now completing my first month here, I think it is one of the best places in Turkey to do Digital Marketing Internship. I have already learned so much and I am sure that I want to pursue a career in Digital Marketing. Having a great team spirit and huge opportunity to improve are the two factors that make Kubix Digital perfect for an intern.

My first impression didn’t turn out wrong: I really landed a dream internship and maybe a future job here at Kubix Digital.

Post date: 08 Sep 2017

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