New Google AdWords Features Available in July 2017

Last week my colleague Damla and I attended Google’s new products update meetup. We were excited to hear more on the updates as there were quite a few new features rolling out globally. Usually Turkey is one of the latest countries where the newest features are rolled out, but it seems that Google made a broader release this time.

The topics were not limited to Similar Audience for Search Ads, In market for Search Ads, User ID Matching for Customer Match, but also Automation, New Extensions, Search Geo Budget, Merchant Center updates and more.

Let’s start with the news from the audience solutions side.


Similar Audiences for Search Ads

With the help of “Similar Audiences for Search Ads”, you will be able to reach new users that have similar search behaviour just like your current customers. The Similar Audience lists will be based on your seed RLSA lists.

How Similar Audiences Lists Are Created

Basically, when a user visits your website the user is added to an RLSA list. This user’s search behaviour, before and after being added to your RLSA list, is tracked by Google. Google users with similar search behaviour who are not on your RLSA list, will be added to a Similar Audience list. You can then add this list to your Search, Shopping and DSA campaigns.

This list will definitely help you to reach more people who didn’t visit your website yet. And also it’s a great chance to improve your impression share.

For example; Let’s say you have a website, where people can buy&sell used cars. A user may search for “eco friendly car prices” and your keywords in your campaigns may not be matched or you may forgot to add such a keyword to your campaigns. From now on you don’t have to worry any more, Similar Audience for Search Ads will be there for you. Now you are able to enlarge your reachable audience.

In-Market for Search Ads

You will be able to reach users who have strong purchase intent for your products or services. It is not a generic user list, but these users are usually ready to buy. It’s still being tested for Search Ads, but it is already available for Display Ads.

As testing and optimization is the way how we analyse what is best, it’s better to apply in-market for an existing campaign with a 0% bid modifier, then analyse and optimize it based on its performance.

in market audience search ads
in market audience search ads

Similar Audience For Customer Match

Similar Audience for Customer Match will help you to find similar users to your Customer Match list and it allows to achieve efficient new customer prospecting and acquisition. This new feature will be able for search ads hopefully in Q3 2017.

User ID Matching for Customer Match

This audience targeting is a mix between RLSA list and Customer Match I would say. With User ID matching, you can upload audience lists to Adwords using custom user identifiers. Basically, you deploy a remarketing tag to your site which collects the custom users with a user’s cookie. Then, you can upload audience lists with user IDs instead of email addresses. This also allows you to reach your site visitors, based on any online or offline attributes available. When the user's profile or status change by updating their ID, even if they don’t visit the website again, they will be matched. User ID Matching for Customer Match will be available in Search Ads and will be launched in Q3.

Customer match for Mailing Address

This will allow you to create Customer Match lists by using mailing addresses. Google will match addresses uploaded by you to Google accounts. Then it will be used to create Customer Match lists. These audience lists will be available in Shopping Ads, Search and Video Ads.


Structured Snippets

Structured Snippets is an additional text line in ad text which allows you to describe features of product groups or a specific product or service. It will help you to get more qualified leads by giving users specific information about what you offer before they visit your web site, so that they will be more likely to convert.

structured snippet extension
structured snippet extension

To get the highest benefit, it’s suggested to use both Callouts and Structured Snippets together. Although these two extensions look very similar, the purpose is different;

callouts vs structured snippets
callouts vs structured snippets

Visual Sitelinks

Visual Sitelinks allow you to show relevant images with descriptive text via a swipeable Carousel in your text ads. Implementing visual sitelinks instead of normal sitelinks can help edge out competition as well, particularly on mobile devices. Visual Sitelinks are a great, simple way to improve your ads performance while possibly stealing clicks away from your competitors. At the moment this feature is only available for English only ads.

visual sitelinks
visual sitelinks

Here are the requirements for Visual Sitelinks:

  • Minimum 4 images of same 16:9 aspect ratio

  • No logo or graphic overlays on the images

  • No text overlays (similar to Facebook requirements!)

  • No collages

  • No images relating to sensitive categories

  • Images must be photographic quality (think professional photography instead of amateur camera phone pictures)

visual sitelink extension
visual sitelink extension
how to edit visual sitelink extension
how to edit visual sitelink extension


Search Geo Budgets V2

Search Geo Budgets allow you to separate your budget in a specific campaign based on different geographic locations. Targeting is done based on country, city and post code. You will have a specific budget for each city under a single campaign. As an example, let’s say you have one campaign with a 100USD budget. You can allocate 50USD for the capital city and 10USD each for 5 different smaller cities under a single campaign. The beta version is now open and can be used globally.

Store Sales Direct

When the user clicks the ad and do not purchase what you sell online but offline in the store, you will be able to track it.

Store Sales Direct is a new tool of AdWords which allows advertisers who collect customer email information in the store to import this into AdWords along with data about what a customer bought and the value of the sale. Google will automatically match this to sign-in users and report on store sales that are aggregated to represent all clicks.

It will be easy to track for the stores who work with some kind of loyalty card as they already have the email addresses of the customers. When the staff in a store records the information of a customer, AdWords will get the information automatically. It will let you follow offline purchases of online visitors. Email must be correct and can be matched though.

This tool is only available in some countries such as Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, France, USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, United Kingdom and India.

google store sales direct
google store sales direct


Advanced Feed Management

Let’s say we have a feed with 100k products. If you wanted to make change for a single product, until today you would have to update the whole feed. With the help of this beta update, if you want to change or update just for a special area in the feed, you can define a second feed for it and combine both feeds.

Here are more updates on this:

  • You can also now target different countries for the same feed.

  • You are able to connect different data sources to a feed and use different rules. Without IT support, you will be able to change some areas such as labels, stock informations by using feed rules. For example, you can set a rule when the stock decreases under 3, status can be changed from available to out of stock.

There are 2 kind of feeds; Primarily feed which is the core feed where you can add or remove a product. Supplemental feed, when you want to change only some areas you can use it such as if you want to update current products.

Now there is also Multi Country targeting, meaning that this will allow you to use;

- Same language and same currency,

- Same language and different currency,

- Different languages and different currency in the same feed.


Campaign Translator

Campaign translator provides professionally reviewed translations of existing AdWords campaigns. The translation takes 4 business days on average. Translations are done by a combination of Google’s translation technology as well as a quality review performed by professional translators. It’s available for all countries. This tool is very useful for any client who plans to expand their work in abroad. On a side note, Google doesn’t charge you any extra money to use this tool.

Youtube Reach-Optimized Trueview

You pay as how many seconds your ad is watched on average.

Reach-Optimized Trueview is a skippable ad and you are billed based on how long viewers spend time with your ad. Reach-Optimized Trueview delivers massive reach. It’s designed to reach larger audiences. This tool is going to be great for advertisers who want to improve their brand awareness.

Smart Display Campaign

Smart Display is a product that Google prioritizes to improve. Smart Display is closer to automated control than maximum control. It uses deep learning for the target CPA. Additionally, it’s possible to add negative placements.

Google’s new smart display campaigns are very easy to set up. The targeting is made by the conversion goal you set, so no further targeting setting is required. All you have to do is defining a CPA goal and upload some ad assets so that Google can handle the rest. The only requirement is that you need at least 50 conversions on the Display network and set daily budgets at least 10-15X the target CPA bid.

adwords smart display campaign
adwords smart display campaign

Improved Target ROAS

Target ROAS is used to focus on increasing the number of conversions. Now with the new update, it also takes the value of conversions into account.


All these new features have to be evaluated case by case. Some new features, we have already tested at Kubix Digital, work well, some don’t. For example, visual sitelinks are a “Must-use feature” for travel related campaigns or showcasing specific products. But on the other side we have experienced that for example Smart Display Campaigns work well with some campaigns, but with others well-targeted Remarketing GDN campaigns work much better.

We will keep on testing all these new features and share our insights and best practices.

Post date: 04 Aug 2017

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