Make Your E-Commerce Site Visible in New Year’ Searches with SEO Optimised Hub Pages

Just after the Black Friday period, New Year is one of the most important days for many e-commerce sites. What you need to do to catch the seasonal trends and influence the potential audience is actually not that hard. There's no reason why your audience won't see you in the search results - given that you keep your schedule on time and create user-oriented content.

In this article, I will talk about the SEO works that will support the new year campaigns and how to actively use the communication channels. I thought that if I explained this topic by picking an example, I could give you a more specific approach. Therefore, I will use examples of the e-commerce site that sells kokina only for new year, through the SEO works of a special page.

Although all of the topics I’ll recommend you to do are general, some of the search term examples I mention in the content are in Turkish. To help you out, below you can find the English translations of the words:


Yılbaşı*, yeni yıl**: new year*, new year’s day**

Christmas*, noel**: Christmas*, the translation of “christmas” in Turkish*.

kokina*: butcher's broom*

Yılbaşı çiçekleri*: New Year’s flowers

1.Page Layout with Multiple Content Types in One

The fact that the ultimate goal of e-commerce sites is the sale of the products means that your users should see the products they’re looking for on the page they find in the search results, when searching for “new year + product name”. However, with only one product or product listing page, you may not be able to have the existing potential most optimally.

What should be on the hub page that supports the sale of kokina / and how it should be:

Product images

Users should land to the product page when they click on the image.

The image alt texts must be added to the images.

You might add the image description like “new year + kokina + 2020 + brand name”.

The images must be relevant with the textual content. You should put a new year’s sock around the content when you are talking about the kokina.

Textual content

The key features that distinguish hub pages from product listing pages are the combination of text and other types of content. New Year creates a feeling of excitement, joy, and hope for many people. Make a connection between your audience and your product, show them that you understand their emotions, and promote your product with the emotional targeting.

Video content

If you plan to create a video about kokina, embed the video to the hub page.

Instead of adding the HTML video link, add your video that you’ve already uploaded to your YouTube channel.

By publishing this topic on YouTube channel and site; you'll target both Google and YouTube users. Besides, you can add your product sale page as a card to the video where you talk about the kokina care, and suggest to the audience who may want to buy the new year’s plant. In this way you (1) increase the interaction between the channel and the site, and (2) support the sale of products.

Video content, video title, and description; must be similar and/or relevant to the topics on the hub page.

The campaign details

All the important information such as campaign duration, the products, and the conditions must be visible and easy to find for the users.

Infographic content

The statistics, the facts, tables, and graphs are always interesting to show. People remember only 10% of what they read or hear after 3 days, while they would remember 65% of the pictures they have seen.

Infographics are more likely to be shared on social media channels because they are not plain text, but more fun content.

You can increase your brand awareness if you put your brand logo or name on the infographics. Remember: people share this content, as well as they use them as a source in their content.

You can also track the performance of your infographic in Analytics with the tracking you will add in the code when you embed the infographic.

Similar Products

Besides selling kokina, if you sell dahlia or christmas cactus (zygocactus) and you don't want to make it stand out as much as kokina, you can show these products to your potential customers in the “similar products” area on the same hub page.

*Depending on what the product is, you can always expand the content types.

2. Set Your Schedule: When Do Users Start Searching?

As of the beginning of December, “yılbaşı” and “yeni yıl” trends are starting to rise. You can use Google Trends to check these trends. (Most of the other tools get trend information from Google Trends.)

Yılbaşı Yeni Yıl Google Trends Comparison
Yılbaşı Yeni Yıl Google Trends Comparison

Since it takes more time to see the results of your SEO efforts rather than seeing the results of your advertising campaigns, you must have completed and published your work before these trends begin.

You can follow a new year-SEO-strategy timeline similar to the following:

  • The content must have been published in mid-October.
  • End of October - early November, try to get an agreement with the PR people. You can agree on the most important 3-4 sites visited by your target audience, and ask them to link to the page that will advance your SEO campaign through “relevant terms and content”. Remember, the important thing here is that the content must attract the attention of the users who are in the circulation and that it will address their needs and interests.

★ I think you'll have plenty of Black Friday communication in November, so this is not the right time to highlight the new year campaign. Afterall, you don't want to confuse your target audience with 2 different campaigns at the same time.

  • As of the beginning of December, start the PR communication. Identify the days when all social media channels are performing best and continue to communicate on these days twice a week.
Hub Page SEO Strategy for New Year
Hub Page SEO Strategy for New Year

3. Find Out How & What The Target Audience is Looking for

New year, new year’s day, christmas, noel

More recently, "Christmas” and “noel" are also used in various campaigns in Turkey. The reason is that Turkey is a dynamic country with many cultures, but Christmas is "really" celebrated by some people. Well, it is a very correct approach to benefit from the volume created by this mass. (I also know some people who have prepared the page with "christmas" keywords because they think 'Christmas" is more elegant as a word - which is a choice, of course.)

Christmas Noel Google Trends Comparison
Christmas Noel Google Trends Comparison

Although the foreigners who live in Turkey or come to Turkey for new year's holiday exist, this doesn't change the reality in general how above average the search volumes of "yeni yıl" and "yılbaşı" searches in Turkey. So, the trend of the graph above changes when we include “yeni yıl” and “yılbaşı” searches in the equation.

Christmas Noel Yılbaşı Yeni Yıl Google Trends Comparison
Christmas Noel Yılbaşı Yeni Yıl Google Trends Comparison

With this approach, I suggest you to determine the strategy after you collected the search terms and various variations used by the target audience into the whole equation. For example, if you aim to target Turks living in Turkey, the page needs to have “yılbaşı” and “yeni yıl” terms. If you're targeting foreigners living in Turkey, then using "Christmas" and "noel” terms is a good idea to include in the strategy.

4. Keyword Research

I don't want to be misunderstood when it comes to keyword research.

Keyword research should not be construed as creating content using just words. On the contrary, when creating content, it should be interpreted as understanding the searches that users perform and that these searches should be used only in the required areas of the content.

The considerations for keyword research:

  • Don't try to use every word in the content just because the search volume is high. In this way, the subject can be dispersed. All words should be supportive of the basic subjects. You don't want to mislead Google bots and users.
Yılbaşı Çiçeği Kokina Google Trends Comparison
Yılbaşı Çiçeği Kokina Google Trends Comparison
  • Focus on specific keywords, not the generic ones. It is normal that an e-commerce site that sells flowers is talking about “yılbaşı çiçekleri”. However, searches such as "kokina" or "how to take care of the kokina" are more specific user searches.
Kokina Google Trends
Kokina Google Trends
  • Link to the relevant products from important keywords. When referring to the decorative use of long-branched red kokina flower, if available, link to the product page using the word “long-branched red kokina flower”.
  • As I mentioned above, use important keywords in your image alt text.
  • Check how the video results of the same words appear on Google and YouTube search results. If the keyword tool you're using has a YouTube category, check the volumes and long-tail variations of the words in that category as well.
  • You can try to show up for featured snippets with high-competitive searches. Featured snippets give the user more information about the page on Google search results; rather than only the page title, URL, and description. Users will visit your page when they are curious about the answers they are looking for or more.

5. The New Year Campaigns with Google Ads Advertisements and SEO Strategies

You can also use Google Ads output on your hub page. Download the keywords from the ad groups and sort them by the most converted words. Identify the highest volume of these words and use them in meaningful parts of your content.

6. Continue Using Other Marketing Channels Simultaneously

Remember to use UTM links when sharing your page on social media and other marketing channels. This way, you can measure the performance of the page on other channels in Google Analytics.

Pinterest is one of the marketing channels that I strongly suggest you to use, next to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. On Pinterest, you can create different boards for "yılbaşı", "yeni yıl" or "kokina" and be remarkable on the targeted audience' visual memory and make them share your shares.

Google My Business is a must to increase the visibility, awareness, and user interaction of the offline stores businesses (e-commerce sites) on local searches. You can treat Google My Business as any other social media channel and share your campaigns or content pages there. Or you can make a special page for the New Year by sharing the video or visual content of the page in GMB and show your product to the local users.

Short videos that we often see with TikTok continue to be popular. TikTok's algorithm works differently from other channels. On TikTok, your interests are defined based on your activities (videos you like, comment on, etc.), and the sites you've previously visited (browser history change). So it's not a dream to have 1 million followers in 1 night on TikTok. All you have to do is produce content. Even if people don't know anything about your brand, you can create brand awareness by creating content that will support sales rates positively.

Partnering with influencers is getting more and more popular in our country since the last 5-6 years. It may also be a marketing channel/method that will promote your new year campaign hub page. But the point is that you need to pay attention to choose the right influencer that will bring out the New Year's theme on your page.

Post date: 13 Dec 2019

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