Podcast Tips For Starting Podcasters

Walk into a crowded street and have a look around: How many people do you spot with headphones on? – A lot, right. They might be listening to their favorite songs on repeat, talking to their friends on the phone, opened their radio app to get the latest gossips, hearing the spoken answers to their voice search queries, listening to audiobooks - and that’s how you want to reach your audience too; let them listen to your podcast.

A podcast is actually just like a radio show; you can talk about anything, alone or together with guest-speakers while recording your voice – and besides that it is fun to do, it's really good for your business too.

Why We Are Podcasting & Why You Should Do It, Too

6 reasons, 7 reasons, 25 reasons – many companies, bloggers, and other podcast-fanatics wrote so many good things about podcasting and why you should start one on your own, giving you plenty of reasons why. So then, why didn't you start podcasting yet? Do you need more than 25 reasons? Do you have no clue how to start? Are you scared podcasting is no fit for your business? Or were you just looking for honest stories from other starting podcasters – like us?

One of the reasons that got us into the world-of-podcasting was simply because we enjoyed listening to them. We listen on our way to work, while cooking spaghetti, when jogging outside, doing the dishes (which are suddenly not so boring anymore; believe us), plus at the same time we are learning something new. And it’s true, none of these activities you can do at the same time while you are reading this blog post. I imagine you sit at your desk right now reading from your laptop, or maybe from your phone while relaxing on your sofa; not while you are dancing – if so, I would like some proof please :). #DancingReaders


See, I told you so - zero results.

Though we don’t have thousands of episodes, plays, or followers, we still take our podcast seriously. We love to tell you everything about us, about the wonderful work we do, about things we know, experienced or achieved, and whatever else that comes to our minds. We have a lot of podcast topic ideas ready, a good working microphone, a couple of silent-rooms to record in, each Kubixer is ready to become the star of the show, and our handy-man is more than willing to edit our eeh’s and aah’s; but, finally sitting down to start recording is a whole different story. We know we have to push ourselves more often into the podcasting room – which we are definitely planning to do, knowing the marketing benefits it brings along. And so should you. Want to know our favorite benefits?

  • We can reach new audiences,

When I went to university, I always attended all the lectures – maybe a bit nerdy, but I felt that through this way I was learning the most. However, not all my classmates always came; maybe they preferred taking notes from the lecture slides, or perhaps by studying the course books they would learn better – or maybe they wanted to come just their hangover was too bad, but that’s another story.

What I am trying to say is that not everyone learns in the same way. So when you publish written content on your website, you mainly attract the ones who like to learn by reading. By adding audio content as well, you are able to reach a whole new audience that’s just as curious as anyone else, in what you have to say.

  • We can repurpose content,

Ok, so last year Kubix Digital turned 10 years old – hoooray – and our lovely manager Pınar wrote an amazing story about the past 10 years; and believe us, she had lots of crazy and funny things to tell. But as our managers went through so much, it became a super long story – which is definitely worth reading – but for the ones in a rush, the three of them sat together, turned the mic on and went through their most funny moments one more time.

Just like recording a summary of a long blog post or article, you can also chat about posts that gained a lot of traffic to your site, while sharing new insights or updates on the topic. The good thing about it is that you already have your content ready, you just need to talk.

  • We can mix & match podcasts with blogs,

A while ago, our “Queen of Content” İrem wrote a great story on the history of Google. When performing a keyword research on the topic at first, she noticed that many people ask questions about Google, on Google. Instead of ignoring this she collected the most funny and weird ones, and discussed them together with one of her colleagues in a podcast. Go ahead, get yourself a coffee and laugh:

The podcast became really popular in no time, which brought huge benefits to her blog as well. So, in the podcast you can discuss different content than what’s written in your blog, but that make sense when you put them together. Just like İrem did, you can refer in your podcast to your blog post in the “show notes”, and within the blog post you again can add a link to your podcast. People searching for blogs and landing on your website, will become aware of the fact that you have a podcasting channel, too – and vice versa. Win-win.

  • & we can connect with others.

Maybe one of the best and fastest way to grow your podcast audience is by .. interviewing people, of course! Once you’ve got yourself a volunteer to come out and talk on your podcast, you’re not only introducing him or her to your audience, but you are also being introduced to theirs!

That is exactly what our podcast-expert-to-be Halide was doing when she interviewed an advisor of the SEO tool DeepCrawl. Our interview-guest himself shared our podcast episode on his social media channels, turning our interview-podcast episode into one of the best listened and downloaded ones, so far!

Which one of you is next to take place in our podcast-interview chair? Or if you like to have us as your interview guests, be my guest – hehe.

The Kubix Way

Maybe you’ve already noticed, but not all of our podcasts are in English, we do not have the same person speaking all the time, and our topics are super varied. We call this the Kubix way, because that’s how we do it. Oh, but that’s not without a reason; I’ll tell you why.

  • We speak multi-languages,

Our company is located in Turkey and Germany, our 3 managers are all German-Turks who lived in Germany, Turkey and an English speaking country for a while. My colleagues are Turkish. Our website is in English, Turkish and German (are you still following me) – and on top of all that, I’m Dutch. As you see we have a couple of languages as our mother-tongues, and we like to take advantage of that!

Besides that, when we take a look at the traffic we receive to our website, mainly people from Turkey, the US, India & Germany visit us. We see them as our potential clients; they are our awesome Kubix-fans.


As they are our main fans, we want to give them something back. We want to make it as easy as possible for them to find us, and that’s why we speak in 3 languages; Turkish, German (1st episode will be uploaded soon) & English – sorry Indian Kubix-fans, we don’t know Hindi, Bengali or Gujarati, but we know you are good in English, though.

If the Netherlands becomes an even bigger Kubix-fan, I’ll do a Dutch one too – promised.

  • We are multi-speakers,

We don’t like to appoint one single person to be the face of our podcast. We are a real team and we like to do as much as possible together. Our slogan Teamwork Makes The Dreamwork really fits in here, once again. Who-ever wants to make a podcast is allowed to do so on any topic of interest – as long as it fits within our industry, of course.

As I said, we like to support each other and that’s why we also invite each other to do a podcast together. In this way 8 of the 9 team members already spoke in one of our podcasts. Plus, it’s good for our personal development too; we can be a bit shy when it comes to speaking in public. Doing a podcast somehow helps us to practice and to speak with more confidence.

  • And, we have multi-topics.

We love Kubix and we like to share with everybody what an amazing company it is to work for, and with! We talked about our first days on the job, our 10 year anniversary, and our experiences on our remote working days. With our podcasts we hope to inspire others on their quest to attracting, satisfying and keeping employees – as we think Kubix Digital really sets the bar high!

Besides that, we also want to teach our listeners something new about digital marketing. We want to do interviews and allow others to talk about their products, services or tools on our show, give our tips & tricks on how to handle certain things, our impressions on events or conferences we attended, share our work and case studies with you, and so on.

Let’s Get You Going

We maybe do not have years of experience, are a bit unorganized in our podcasts as it goes from topic to topic, and language to language, but we sure do enjoy it and we hope that we were able to convince you to try out podcasting, too. If you have a blog, just talk about the content that you wrote down some time ago and which you like to bring to the attention of your company-fans again. Give some updates about your business or industry. Or if you want to give interviewing a try, we will be more than honored to join you in your very first episode – just get in touch. If you need a tip on recording programs; we really like to use the Garageband app on our Macs. Once you’ve got your very first podcast episode recorded, it’s time for the next step; getting it out there.

We publish our podcast on iTunes and on SoundCloud, but there are many more publishing platforms available where you can host your podcasts. Just find the ones that you like the best. We also recommend you to publish it on your own website and to keyword-optimize your listings – after all, you want your podcast to be found organically and to drive traffic to your website. Add your target-keywords to the podcast’s name and description, individual episode’s name and description, and to the title-tags and meta-descriptions. We already managed to get our Kubix On Air come in as 3rd when searching for “SEM podcast” on Google; YESS!

Other than that you could think of sending out kind of a press release about your podcast, promote it on social media, become a guest on someone else’s show, or you could even think of transcribing the audio to gain even more organic traffic. Ta-daa, and don’t forget to start recording your next episodes!

Ready To Become A Star?

With all our persuasive talk and useful tips we hope that you are super-excited to start recording your very first episode, and many to follow. It might be scary at first and also we still hate the sound of our own voices when we listen our podcast back, but keep in mind it’s all worth the effort. We are one of the few companies that podcasts in Turkey (it’s not really a hype here, yet) but most of all we are doing it for ourselves. Every new play of our episode makes us super excited and willing to continue recording.

We wish you lots of podcast-success and we hope that the next time you will be walking on the street and see people with headphones on, they are listening to YOU!

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Post date: 17 Sep 2018

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