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Machine Learning in Google Ads: Tips, Tricks and Best Practices

Here are my personal tips and best practices on the new era of machine learning in Google Ads. Hope my advice will help you feel better after all!

Paid Marketing
10 Sep 2019

5 Things I Experienced With Google Ads Extensions & How To Fix Them

Ad Extensions are one of the good components in Google Ads. Here are some experiences I have with Ad extensions. Check them before setting up yours!

Paid Marketing
02 Jul 2019

5 Psychological Tips to Write Outstanding Google Ad Texts

The Search ad text is the first contact with your potential customer - but how do you get the searcher to click on your ad? Here are my 5 tips.

Paid Marketing
27 May 2019

Google Ad Extension Types & Examples

What is a sitelink extension? And what's a location extension? How do call extensions work? - Find here a complete list of all Google ad extensions.

Paid Marketing
06 May 2019

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