Quick Tips: 5 User Experience Tools for SEO’s

User experience is inseparable in today's SEO world - optimizing your website only for Google algorithms is a narrow-minded strategy. Its always better to optimize your website for your users. And more importantly: I should mention that Google itself, also wants just that. In Google’s own words:

"You should build a website to benefit your users, and any optimization should be geared toward making the user experience better. One of those users is a search engine, which helps other users discover your content. Search Engine Optimization is about helping search engines understand and present content".

Here are 5 user experience tools for SEO’s that you can use to improve UX:

  • Moqups: for wire-framing and prototyping. It’s better for SEO’s to brainstorm and to see 'how it looks' by using a wireframe tool. Sometimes its 10x better to see the idea, than to read about it.
  • Typeform: for creating surveys to collect customer feedback. Getting insights from customers themselves will help you to understand them better.
  • Hotjar: for understanding user behavior. When you can’t get feedback from customers through surveys, it can be helpful to watch how your users navigate your website and find bottlenecks in your content or navigation.
  • Draw.io: for making quick flowcharts to display user flows or business processes. Most processes are not written or not optimized. Share flowcharts rather than emailing back and forth.
  • Ahrefs: for competitive analysis. Discover your competitors' positions and performances in Google. Sometimes you may be surprised to find out that unknown competitors are performing better than you initially thought. Understand your real competition with this tool.

As always, here is the bonus tool (or I should say; app) for creating better UX for SEO:

  • Mental Notes: for understanding your user's mental models. The thought processes of users are crucial in UX. There are many mental models that users have, and getting to know and reminding oneself about these mental models, is very powerful for an SEO. Open this deck more often than opening your Instagram app.
Halide Ebcinoğlu
21 Feb 2020

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