Quick Tips: How To Use cURL For Technical SEO

cURL (or curl) is a command line tool for developers. curl stands for 'client URL', and it’s a fast and easy way to use internet protocols from your command line.

To use it, it’s important that you download curl from its official website, and install it onto your operating system.

Here is how I use cUrl for SEO:

Downloading sitemap.xml files from browsers can be a pain. You have to right click, save, download - and sometimes the browser downloads an HTML file instead of an XML file. So in these situations, you can use the curl command:

curl https://kubix.digital/sitemap.xml > sitemap.xml

As you can see, the first part of the command is “curl”. The second part, is the “sitemap URL address”. Third comes the “>” command, for save file location. And the last part is the file name.

With already this 1 single line of command, you can download a file from a browser, name it, and save it. Usually, the file is saved onto your local home folder.

curl tool
curl tool

There is another useful curl command, to check the ‘Header’ information of a page. (Yes I know, there are several tools already to check such info, but this is faster).

The command you will be using along your curl command, is “-I”. It looks like this:

curl -I https://kubix.digital/tr/podcast/google-reklam-metninizin-gucunu-arttiran-5-psikolojik-detay/

This command shows you all the HTTP status header info, as well as redirects.

curl tool for SEO
curl tool for SEO
Halide Ebcinoğlu
17 Oct 2019

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