Quick Tips: How To Reduce Spam and Bot Hits in Google Analytics

Although the spam problem mostly disappeared from the email-world, that doesn’t mean it no longer exists. There is still a huge spam and bot activity going on, on the web. Especially on free tools like Google Analytics, spam and bot activity can add noise to your data. Spam-generated data can range from a small percentage to more than a quarter of your overall traffic.

To keep your Google Analytics data clean and safe, here are 5 things you can do to reduce spam and bot activity:

  • Tick the Bot Filtering checkbox inside the Google Analytics View Settings.
  • Create filters for spam and bot activity. Remove Campaign Sources like ".*seo.*|.*free.*|.*get-google.*"
  • Block IP addresses of known spam or bots.
  • Check your Network or Hostname sources inside Google Analytics to see if there is any unknown activity. Accept only the ones from your own hostname.
  • Check for Language Spammer. Some sophisticated spammers use non standard language settings.

Pro tip: Check for ‘zero page view’ or ‘zero time spend’ on site reports and their sources. Those might already show you the source of the spam.

Halide Ebcinoğlu
01 Oct 2019

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