Quick Tips: To Increase Website Conversions, Which A/B Tests Should I Run?

Your users aren’t converting - or at least, not as much as you’d like to? To figure out what’s wrong and how you can improve your conversion rates, A/B testing can help. Here are 5 easy tests that you can perform on your website right away:

1. Test your main value proposition.

When users visit your site, they should know exactly what you are offering. Your value proposition should answer why users should do business with you; why they should buy your products. Create and test different value proposition statements to convince users that your product or service is of more value than the one from your competitors.

2. Check your main page’s above-the-fold items.

The above-the-fold area is the most important part on your website - users generally don’t scroll down. Add, remove, or move around items in your above-the-fold areas (on both mobile and desktop), and see what’s working for your website.

3. Use different visuals.

Should you use photos with humans or product-only pictures; use animated images or static ones; use videos - why don’t you test it? The images you use on your website, can have a major impact on your conversions. The point of adding images to your website is to attract users and to showcase the benefits of your products or services. Test and see what your users prefer.

4. Test your search results page.

When your user searching for products or services on your website but can’t find what they are looking for, what will the page tell them? Rather than showing a your-query-did-not-match-any-of-our-products type of page, show related queries on your search results page, or actionable items like “is this what you were looking for?”.

5. Test your thank you pages.

‘Thank you’ doesn’t need to mean ‘goodbye’. Test different variations of your ‘thank you’ headlines, your copy, add social media subscription buttons, newsletter sign up boxes, and promotions, maybe even a survey. Try to keep your users on your thank you pages and give them reasons to be coming back for more.

Pro tip: Make sure that at least one of your tests have personalization. Tailor your website based on the interests of your users. (Make test for a specific set of users; not all).

Halide Ebcinoğlu
26 Sep 2019

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