Quick Tips: What To Check Periodically In Your Backlinks

It's easy to forget the health of your hard-earned backlinks. From time to time, you should check your backlinks to see if there are any problems.

Here are the 5 things to consider when making a health check:

  • Check for HTTP links: Both the site and the links should be secure.
  • Check for broken links: Links might end up broken in time. Get in touch with the webmaster to get them corrected.
  • Check for nofollow links: Adding nofollow links to the website might be a website policy, but you can still try to get them removed by the webmaster.
  • Check for the right content context: Maybe the backlink should be on another page or in another content. Make sure to check the best place for your link.
  • Check for missing links: Your guest post or article might have been published on another website, but somehow editors might forget to put links. Correct them.
Halide Ebcinoğlu
28 Jan 2020

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