30 Days In Search: SEO & SEM News-Recap of February 2019

Curious about what happened in the search marketing industry the last 30 days? With our brand new #30DaysInSearch overview / blog / news recap (name it how you like it), we present to you the most important monthly updates in our beloved, but oh-so fast changing, search marketing world.

Google Text Ads Show On YouTube Search

January 30, 2019

At the SMX West in San Jose, YouTube revealed that Google’s search text ads can now show up on the YouTube network, too. With Google adding YouTube to its search partner’s network, your text ads may now appear when someone searches for videos on YouTube, using keywords that match your campaigns. But note: this only works on mobile.

Google Search Console Consolidates Web Traffic On Canonical URLs

February 6, 2019

By the end of March 2019, Google will change the way the Search Console performance reports count metrics - rather than using exact URLs, it will now shift to the canonical URLs for reporting to help you unify your data. But before the change sets through completely, Google gives you a couple of weeks to get used to the new approach and to see the differences, by showing you both the old and the new methodology.


Gary Illyes Held A Reddit AMA

February 8, 2019

Gary Illyes held an AMA session on Reddit where he took the time to answer as many of the questions the SEO-community may had, as possible.

In his AMA he stressed the importance (and potentials) of image and video search, stating “media search, in general, is something we’re throwing more engineering resources at nowadays. Google Images and Video search is often overlooked, but they have massive potential.” Also he points out that when it comes to SEO, we should focus on the basics, rather than “silly updates and made-up terms by the rank trackers”.

Click Share Is Coming To Google Ads

February 11, 2019

While click share data has only been available for Shopping Campaigns, Google now states that it has begun 'rolling it out' for Search Campaigns as well - planning to have it available in the next weeks for all Search Campaigns, on campaign, ad-group and keyword level.


In case you are not familiar with click share: you can discover “click growth opportunities with more extensions or bid or budget increases”.


Video Assets For Responsive Display

February 21, 2019

Google now allows you to add up to 30-second videos to the responsive display ads. With more than 60% of shoppers saying that online videos gave them purchase inspirations or ideas, this new feature allows you not only to expand your reach, but also to attract them “with sight, sound and motion”.

How it works? - “your videos will be shown instead of images whenever Google Ads determine videos could drive better performance for you.” You may (optionally) add up to 5 videos from your YouTube page.


Google Search Console Has A New Feature: Products

February 22, 2019

Search Console has added a new feature to the tools’ enhancements section, named ‘Products’ - which is, especially for e-commerce SEO, considered an important update.

If you have products on your website and, preferably, use product markup, you will see this feature likely popping up in your Google Search Console. This new product-section shows you how your product markup is performing in the search results, and with its reporting you are able to quickly figure out what issues you have with your product markup. Besides that: Google will walk you through the process of fixing issues, as well as validating and submitting new markup through Search Console.

News From The Kubixers

In case you're curious of what we were up to in February, here our very own Kubix achievements and updates:

  • [CASE STUDY] At the end of January we published our Deichmann case study. In this case study we show how we managed to double the conversion rates by only spending half of the Google Ads budget.
  • [CASE STUDY] Towards the end of February we added another success story to our case study section. This time on the impressive achievements for our client Mavi, by implementing Google's new Smart Shopping Campaigns.

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Post date: 26 Feb 2019

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