30 Days In Search: SEO & SEM News-Recap of June 2019

Yess it’s June, summer has finally begun - although for some businesses this could mean a couple of slow months are ahead. As the digital industry is constantly evolving, this won’t be the case for us marketers; there are always new features to explore, updates to freak-out about, and tools to test. Let’s take a look at what’s new, since the last 30 days in search.

Google June 2019 Core Update

June 3, 2019

Every couple of months, Google launches a new broad core algorithm update to impact how the search results are ranked and listed on Google; to detect quality content, and to eliminate spammy results. With every core update, Google tries to better understand search queries and show more relevant search results to the user. With the core update in March 2019 being a significant one, the June update was a relatively small update.

One of the main changes with the June update is that Google now shows fewer results from the same domain name at the top of the SERPs. Before the update you might have come across 4 to 5 search results from the same domain name - right now, Google aims to show no more than two results of the same domain, stating: “A new change now launching in Google Search is designed to provide more site diversity in our results. This site diversity change means that you usually won’t see more than two listings from the same site in our top results.” However, there are some exceptions - when the system determines that showing more results from the same domain is relevant to the query, it will do so (possibly the case for brand searches).

Campaign-Level Conversion Tracking Now Available

June 6, 2019

Last month during the Marketing Live event, Google announced that they will make it possible to set conversion actions at campaign-level for your search and display campaigns.

Up till now, your Google Ads conversion actions were applied to the entire account, showing all the different conversions that took place as one summed up number - as of June 6, you can choose which conversion actions you want to include in the conversions column at campaign level, making it easier for you “to analyze performance and optimize campaigns based on the most relevant conversion action types” and to manage the bids per each campaign accordingly.

To do this, head over to your Google ads account and select the search or display campaign for which you want to set a specific conversion action. Click on ‘settings’, open the ‘additional settings’ and select ‘conversions’. In the conversion section, you can now choose to either (1) use the account-level ‘Include in Conversions’ settings, or (2) choose conversion actions for this campaign. Go for option 2 and select the right conversion action - that’s all!

campaign level conversion action tracking available google ads
campaign level conversion action tracking available google ads

You can even create entire conversion action sets: to do this, go to ‘tools’, click ‘conversions’, and there at the top press on the tab: ‘conversion action sets’ - here you can start creating and naming your conversion action sets.

Google Search Has A New Look

June 13, 2019

Google Search now has a new design for desktop, featuring icons in the navigation bar - icons that become colorful when selected. Rather than just showing text, the icons represent the categories in the navigation bar.

google search desktop has a new look
google search desktop has a new look

After launching a new look for the mobile SERPs last month, Google might have thought it was time to revamp its desktop version now, too. With this change however, no additional adjustments were made in terms of the way how Google ranks its search results; this change, was just a ‘cosmetic’ one.

SEO/SEM Events

June, 2019

The three events of June that we loved and followed closely, were: Digital Elite Day, SEOonthebeach, and SearchLeeds.

Digital Elite Day combines deep CRO learnings, cutting-edge SEO topics, and advanced SEM sessions - that turned it into an ‘elite’ day for everyone joining. This year’s Digital Elite Day was an absolute must-attend for all conversion and performance oriented search marketers, fully packed with current subjects addressed by industry leaders.

The most relaxed annual conference out there, SEOonthebeach, took place on the 14th & 15th of June at the beach in La Manga, Spain. Online marketers and the most recognized experts in the industry came together to share insights, to give tips and tricks, to point out best practices, and especially: to have lots of fun, beer & games.

With 4 different stages, 48 practical talks, and just 1 day time, SearchLeeds is the ‘largest digital conference in the north of England’. This free-to-attend event was held this year on the 20th of June, where visitors listened to world-class speakers addressing industry-leading content.

Editor’s Choice: #SEOisAEO Podcast Series

June, 2019

Jason Barnard, a search engine marketing consultant that went fully nomad in 2019, does not only spends his days working from the most inspiring locations but also uses his time to attend and speak at conferences all around the world (while taking his microphone along). In his #SEOisAEO podcast series, Jason interviews industry experts in an "informative, intelligent and fun" way.

News From The Kubixers

It’s a hot day, so let’s keep it short. For the month of June we picked out three things that we love to share with you. Are you ready? - here they are:

  • [WINNER] This month, the 8th edition of the European Search Awards took place and guess what - WE WON! We are (again) named Europe’s “Best Small Integrated Search Agency” of 2019. Last year was a tough year for us - but we kept our heads up, fought hard, and never gave up. We are so extremely proud of our team & receiving this award really is the best motivator EVER!
kubix digital wins best small integrated search agency 2019 at eu search awards
kubix digital wins best small integrated search agency 2019 at eu search awards
  • [BLOG] The ad text is your first contact with the user - the first impression is important and leads to whether the searcher clicks or not. But what goes into a great ad text? We’ve prepared a blog post with 5 tips on how you can make your ad text stand out from that of your competitors, and get users to click.
  • [BLOG] Like I said: we are proud of our team - and in order for you to get our team a bit better, we’re revealing our biggest secrets in our interview series. First up, the youngest member of our team: Irem. Find out what she is proud of, how her typical day at the office looks like, and what naughty things she did as a kid.

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Post date: 27 Jun 2019

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