The Most Important SEO Tools Every Marketer Should Know

First of all, yes I totally agree... Online Marketing tools can definitely be very helpful, not only to give you deeper insights but also to automate workload and save you some time.

But to be clear, they are only tools. So you still have to set the strategy, do the analysis, planning and execution. So if you are blind with your tools and do not use your head when optimising your website, your optimisation process will run in the wrong direction and resources will be wasted. Therefore, use your tools wisely, question output and not blindly trust them. Keep in mind "A fool with a tool is still a fool".

5 to 6 years ago there were only a handful SEO tool providers, but the SEO tool market has grown so rapidly in the last years, that you no longer know which SEO tools to use and which one is best for your search engine optimization work.

So today I would like to introduce you our most favourite SEO tools. Every company or website has its own needs, of course, but the basic information and data for the optimization can definitely be covered with these SEO tools.

Google Search Console

Many people underestimate the importance of the Google Search Console. The Google Search Console or Webmaster Tool allows you to get a lot of data from your website directly from Google, such as search snippet impressions, click-through rates, crawl rate, URLs submitted, sitemap and much more. In addition, the Search Console also gives you information about whether your site is infected with malware and helps you identify the infected areas.

Google Analytics

The next free SEO tool is Google Analytics. Yes, you heard it right; Google Analytics is a web analysis tool that you can use for SEO purposes. Finally, Google Analytics provides you with information about the performance of the organic search. When you link the Google Analytics account to the search console, you'll even find the exact search queries about visitors coming to your site in your Google Analytics data. This allows you to determine which keywords bring how much traffic to your website, and where you have the highest conversions for your goals.

Keyword Planner Tools

Another tool in my toolset is the Google AdWords Keyword Planner. It is the most important planning tool for Google AdWords Account Managers and Search Engine Optimizers as keyword research is the basics for all our Search Marketing efforts. Me personally prefer rather than the AdWords Keyword Planner as it gives you the monthly trends for each keyword and a more detailed listing.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider

The Screaming Frog SEO Spider is a valuable tool. It crawls any web page and provides detailed information about Broken Links, Page Titles, Meta Data, Duplicate Content, Robots, Redirects and more. This data can be easily copied into Excel or Google Spreadsheet and can be processed to useful reports. The Screaming Frog tool is free for crawls up to 500 URLs and with restricted functions. Anyone who needs all the functions and wants to analyse larger websites has to pay 99 EUR per year for the premium version.

SEO Suite Of Your Choice

A paid SEO suite is especially helpful for larger projects. We at Kubix Digital use paid SEO tools like Ahrefs and AWR Cloud. Combined with the free tools above, Ahrefs and AWR Cloud gives you all the necessary marketing and data insights you need for your optimization efforts.

AWR Cloud

AWR Cloud is a robust tool for managing, tracking and reporting keyword rankings on major search engines. What we really like on this tool, is the ability to get a quick overview of important data for our client’s websites, along with the ability to drilldown into specific subsets of that data (read our AWR tool review for more). Having quick access to a snapshot view of the client’s visibility is an extremely useful thing to have. AWR Cloud has also a very good keyword-grouping feature. The tool makes it easy to quickly view the CTR change with its red and green arrows. Another great snapshot I can get from AWR Cloud is whether changes in visibility correlate with changes in traffic.

With a monthly price of $99/mo it is not the cheapest tool but compared to other rank-tracking tools it gives you all the necessary insights to evaluate your ranking performance.

awr cloud tool
awr cloud tool


Ahrefs is a useful SEO tool with lot of helpful functions for SEO’s, internet marketers, bloggers, etc. The tool is mainly used to find link building opportunities and it is known as the most accurate one for this purpose. So in terms of backlink analysis no other SEO tool comes closer to Ahrefs.

Currently Ahrefs is offering features:

  • Site Explorer
  • Positions explorer
  • Content explorer
  • Position tracker
  • Domain comparison
  • Crawling reports
  • Ahrefs alerts


You don’t need to use a lot of tools to manage your SEO efforts. The above tools are totally enough to do all your research, analysis and tracking. It also depends on your SEO work itself. If you do SEO for Youtube or Appstore, you might want to consider more relevant tools like for example Sensortower.

Halide Ebcinoğlu
13 Mar 2017

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