What You Should Know About Intrusive Interstitials?

First of all, don’t panic. You don’t have to stop all running interstitial campaigns just right away because not all of them are affected. Here you will learn what interstitials actually are and what kind of interstitials could be downgraded.

Interstit ... What?

I know, I know…This word is a real tongue twister. But basically, interstitials are the most common pop-ups, which are displayed before or after the expected content page. They usually cover the entire screen and can be quickly removed with a tap on a small cross. Depending on how well the interstitial is designed and what it promises, the users either click it away or they are convinced to learn more about it.

But, Why Does Google Not Like Interstitials?

Google already announced last year that it will crack down on “intrusive interstitials”. Now the time has come, but those who think they will get totally rid of these ads will be disappointed. Because Google differentiates between usable interstitials and those not adding value for the user at all.

So it will depend on the content, whether the pop-up may affect the ranking or not. Not all of them are advertorial; sometimes interstitials also have a useful purpose. If the pop-up window informs you that cookies are being used or the age is required, this does not affect the ranking of the website. Login or download prompts are also spared from Google's downgrade. Interstitials which cover the whole screen and make it difficult for the user to access the main page content will also be punished with a down rank.

With this update, Google wants to improve the user experience. According to the studies of the Internet giant, users stay longer on a website and don’t bounce, if they are not bombed by pop-ups.

google mobile interstitials penalty
google mobile interstitials penalty

So now it is your turn! You have to make intrusive interstitials quickly disappear from your websites. But let’s be honest: Removing your well-designed advertising may hurt, but believe us losing your long term hard worked and well-deserved organic traffic hurts even more.

But overall, this is good news for your users, because they will feel more comfortable on your website, stay longer and come back without being annoyed by pop-ups.

Remember: Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first!

Halide Ebcinoğlu
17 Jan 2017

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