PPC Case Study

Deichmann Doubled The Conversion Rate By Spending Only Half Of The Google CPC Budget

Deichmann, a Germany-based company, is one of the world’s leading shoe retailers and an internationally well-known brand; operating more than 3,700 stores in 24 countries. Deichmann opened its first physical store in Turkey in 2006, and today has more than 120 stores throughout the country.


  • Increase online sales & revenue from PPC generated campaigns
  • Improve ROAS and lower the CPO
  • Maintain average CPC


  • Set up a detailed short-, mid- and long-term strategy
  • Prepared a strategy for the take-over and account rebuilding
  • Restructured ad groups and created new ad texts


  • In just a months time, we doubled the conversion rate,
  • Generated a higher order value,
  • And decreased the cost per order by 5 times.

What We've Done

The Deichmann Google Ads account was actively managed by a Germany-based global agency since December 2012, that at the same time responsible is for managing in more than 20 countries where Deichmann invests in digital marketing activities. Taking over an account of this size and within a highly competitive retail segment meant preparing a detailed short-, mid- and long-term strategy, and a lot of pre-analysis plus a perfectly synced team working with all parties involved. Our main objective was to increase sales at a much better ROAS & CPO from Google PPC generated campaigns, compared to the month before the takeover and YoY. The strategy and goal that we set for the first month was to enable a smooth transition without any technical problems and performance losses. Therefore we spend long hours preparing the strategy for the take-over and account rebuilding.

After the account transition phase was completed, our actual work started. By implementing our PPC strategic steps we decided to first focus on the brand search campaigns as Deichmann has dozens of own brands as well as foreign brands in their product range. In addition to the optimization process of the brand campaigns, we simultaneously rolled out a restructured shopping campaign with the focus on their brand plus the foreign-brands in one campaign, and the second one with a more generic products related approach.

Within the first days we quickly saw that this approach streamlined with our goals and we focused on developing the campaigns further. As a priority whilst the account restructuring was underway, we conducted a detailed bid-optimization, changing bids location-based, audience and device-based.

What We've Achieved

At the kick-off of our service for Deichmann, we were able to double the desired conversion rate in the month of May 2018. Achieving this is a huge success in itself - but reaching this by only spending half of the Google CPC budget and still generating a 20% higher order value was above and beyond everybody’s expectations. In only a month, the sales conversion rate doubled and the CPO was five times less!

We have been able to grow Deichmann’s online business within 2 months to a whole new level at a much lower cost than anybody would have thought, or any business analyst could have calculated. Doubling the conversion rates within such a short period of time and increasing ROAS x4 shows that it's possible to be highly efficient, but in the meantime doubling revenues within 3 months time.

It proves to us that with the right short-, mid- and long-term strategies in place, it is possible to a) lower the advertising cost, b) generate higher revenue, and therefore c) lower the cost per order and have the highest ROAS numbers since the start of the account back in December 2012.

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