PPC Case Study

Online car auction website ikinciyeni.com uses a special AdWords script to capture the attention of on-the-go consumers

Online auction platform ikinciyeni.com is owned by Çelik Motor, one of the Turkish automotive industry’s leading companies. With more than 130,000 members, ikinciyeni.com launches about 80 auctions of second-hand car models from different car manufacturers every day of the week.


  • Reach Consumers Researching Used Cars At Affordable Prices
  • Sell Cars Directly To People Searching Online
  • Capture Attention Of Audiences Interested In Auction-based Sales
  • Increase App Downloads


  • Created Mobile Marketing Strategy Using Mobile Bid Adjustments, Tailored Ad Texts & Ad Extensions
  • Launched App Install Campaign
  • Optimised Towards Cost-per-acquisition (CPA) Target
  • Incorporated Custom Countdown Using AdWords Ad Customisers Parameters
  • Used Location-based Keywords & Bid Adjustments
  • Adopted Remarketing Lists For Search Ads (RLSA)


  • Nearly 60% Of All Traffic & 50% Of All Conversions Driven By Google AdWords
  • Ads Displaying Countdown Produced Three Times Higher Conversion & CTR Than Standard Search Ads
  • AdWords Return On Investment Increased By 80%
  • Assisted Conversion Rate Of Paid Search Surpassed 50%
  • Very Low Average App Download Cost: €0.30
  • Reduced Costs Per Click & Per Conversion Through Local Campaigns

What We've Done

With a high proportion of users accessing the online auction system on mobile devices, ikinciyeni.com needed an efficient Google AdWords mobile approach. Together with their performance agency Kubix Digital, the team prepared a strategy, made mobile bid adjustments, tailored ad texts for mobile and used all available extension formats. To increase mobile app usage, the team also used ad formats designed to drive app installs and optimised towards a cost-per-acquisition (CPA) target. And in order to measure mobile app usage, they set up a separate Google Analytics account. This meant they could analyse the behaviours and conversions of mobile app users to inform the ongoing development of mobile-specific optimisation strategies.

ikinciyeni.com’s unique auction format offered a key opportunity for the ad creatives. To capitalise on the excitement, the brand created a custom countdown using AdWords ad customisers parameters, which dynamically counted down to the end of the auction. This was updated daily with a time converter tool to ensure that the auction end date and time were exactly met.

Coinciding with the opening of two new car delivery points near Istanbul, Kubix Digital created two new AdWords campaigns targeting the cities Ankara and İzmir and their surrounding areas. Generic keywords included the search terms Ankara, Izmir and the names of their suburban provincial areas. Finally, by using remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) in AdWords, ikinciyeni.com targeted users who had visited the site without participating in an auction. Messaging explained the advantages of the auction model or redirected them to a relevant auction.

What We've Achieved

Nearly 60% of all traffic and 50% of all memberships and deposit fees over the course of the campaign resulted from Google AdWords. The highest conversion rate came from ads that used the AdWords ad customisers parameters; these demonstrated nearly three times higher conversion and click-through rates than standard search ads. And by combining the ad customisers strategy with RLSA, the overall return on investment from AdWords increased by 80%.

The conversion rate of other traffic sources assisted by Google AdWords was also very high. The assisted conversion rate of paid search was over 50%, demonstrating that paid marketing was playing an important role in the customer conversion journey. Thanks to the CPA target, the mobile app saw a very low average download cost (around €0.30). Meanwhile, separating location-based search terms and regional searches into separate campaigns resulted in lower cost per click and lower cost per conversions.

AdWords has proven to be the strongest channel for us in generating qualified leads and sales. Having a tailored mobile strategy and on-demand ad search results in place really strengthens our knowledge on the digital consumer journey. We will now apply these insights in our organic marketing efforts.

Ceyda Mirel
Digital Marketing & E-Commerce Supervisor

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