Analytics Case Study

With more than 600 sales offices and around 3,500 staff, Jolly Tur is one of Turkey's leading travel agencies both offline and online.

Kubix Digital's Analytics Consultancy service helped leveraging their Analytics data to make better data driven decisions for their web and marketing efforts.


  • Setup Google Analytics For Custom Needs
  • Improve Data Collection To Get Accurate Data
  • Support Data Driven Decisions
  • Recognise Opportunities In Marketing Channels


  • Use Custom Filters For Clean Data
  • Complete Site-wide GA Audit
  • Desktop, Mobile App & Mobile Web Configuration
  • Setup Rules For Data Collection & Access Governance
  • Event Tracking For Every Important Touch Point
  • Create Custom Channels Which Represents Real Business Flow
  • Imported Marketing Activities Cost Data
  • Create Custom Attribution Models


  • Improved Website, Mobile App & Web-app Data Collection
  • Eliminate Collection Of Wrong Data
  • Better Allocation Of Marketing Budget By Cost Data Import
  • Improved Marketing Campaign Effectiveness

What We've Done

Jolly Tur needed an analytics consultant to improve their marketing and design decisions with the help of data. First, we had to make sure that the site and product performance was tracked accurately.

Google Analytics is a fantastic tool for all kinds of online businesses. It is not only free, but also easy to set up and analyze. However without proper setup and a measurement plan it may lead you to wrong conclusions and even wrong data! We therefore, analyzed the web pages for data collection errors.

Before we started, we created a measurement plan. There were multiple digital properties that used Google Analytics (GA) and each of them was included in our plan. These properties included the website, mobile website, mobile app (both iOS and Android) and website blog. We started with the most important one, the website, and planned our optimization steps accordingly.

After creating a collaborative measurement plan, we created new data views for different business unit needs. Beside this, new filters were added which removes wrong or inflated data like session numbers, bounce rate etc. New goals have been set up as well, like event goals which collect micro conversion touch points. Mobile app and mobile website were also analyzed. Rather than using default channels, new marketing channels were created and cost data of the marketing activities were imported into the GA.

What We've Achieved

With our dedicated Analytics Consultancy Service, Jolly Tur now has a better-configured analytics tool and more quality data is being collected.

Before, only one default view was set up, which aggregated all hits in a single view that caused data quality problems. After creating several different views in a systematic structure, different business units were able to look at the data they needed. Marketing people need different reports and views than for example Sales and Management people. Our views and reports were created for each custom need.

Double hit sessions in mobile and web app were eliminated, better screen names given in order to understand how users use the apps.

By importing cost data to GA, Jolly Tur now can figure out which marketing channel plays which role in the customer journey. This option also helps to form better attribution models for Jolly.

By creating new event goals, new factional data was emerged and the UX team can now get better data about the users and website. They can now apply more accurate web optimization strategies.

Kubix Digital did a remarkable job in building a solution leveraging our Google Analytics data. They provided clear and concise direction under a well-planned schedule. The end result is that we now have a more accurate Analytics data that helps us measure the ROI of all our web site changes and marketing activities.

İnci Özkök

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