Integrated Case Study

Cleanse Me Up With Juico - How We Boosted Online Branding, Traffic & Sales

Since 2013 Juico has been offering cold pressed juices, blends and healthy snacks. With over 9 sales locations in Istanbul, plus the online shop, Juico is a well-known brand in Turkey when it comes to detox and clean eating products. 


  • Increase new users by attracting people who are interested in healthy life, fitness and weight loss
  • Increase online sales and membership
  • Improve organic visibility for generic and long-tail keywords


  • Manage & optimize a detailed Search campaign with Google Search Ads, Yandex Ads and RLSA campaigns
  • Run well-targeted Display campaigns on the Google & Social Media networks
  • Detailed Keyword research and keyword mapping on website
  • Create Blog and write about trending topics


  • Increase online revenue by 30%
  • Increase online transactions by 42%
  • Remarketing on Search and Display were the main revenue drivers with the highest ROI
  • CTR for location extensions were above industry average
  • Organic visibility for Blog Content is increasing steadily
  • Appearing #1 in SERP for generic keywords like for example Detox

What We've Done

First, we figured out which related keywords we could use in our Search strategy. Besides detox related keywords we used all relevant but long tail keywords regarding, weight loss, healthy living in our AdWords strategy. We learned the search behavior of our audience very quickly and optimized our PPC Search campaigns accordingly.

We also created a RLSA campaign to attract people who didn’t buy in the first step of their customer journey. Here, we used the same keywords but also broader ones with different messages and sales offers. As these users didn’t convert in the first step, showing them a special offer increased our conversion rate significantly.

We also added all relevant ad extensions possible. Our aim was giving extra information with site links and callouts, forwarding calls with mobile extensions and also giving location details with location extensions. Location extensions were highly important to us, as we also wanted to attract “Reseach Online Purchase Offline”ers.

Next to the inbound audience we created a low budget Display campaigns to build brand awareness among our audience. Next to Remarketing Search campaigns, we showed the same messages and offers in the banners of our Remarketing GDN campaigns.

We then applied the PPC search strategy to our Organic search strategy as well. We had already gained a significant conversion data for the AdWords keywords and could exactly use this data for our SEO work.

To gain new visitors and attract users who were looking for related content, like healthy living ideas, clean eating recipes, fitness tips etc. we had to create a content marketing strategy. We created a new blog page; defined all necessary categories, created & executed the blog content plan and optimized the content regularly. We also optimized the content of the webpages, created new content pages like frequently asked questions, testimonials etc. to increase our organic, unpaid traffic.

What We've Achieved

As Juico is a start up company, the web traffic was dominated by the CPC traffic. But nevertheless, being dependent on brand keywords couldn’t increase overall sales and ROI. By adding detox related keywords and setting up the right Remarketing strategy we could improve the overall sales numbers. Within the date range of our optimization process we could increase revenue by almost %30 and transactions by %42. Both Remarketing Search and Remarketing GDN campaigns were the main revenue generators with the highest ROI.

We soon realized that contextual targeting is the most efficient and cost-effective way among our display campaigns. With a CPC of only 0.15TL and cost/conversion of 3TL, we not only generated relevant and low-cost traffic but also generated conversions.

CTR for location extensions was above industry average as, already mentioned above, in-store traffic was an important performance metric. In-store visits are not yet tracked in Turkey unfortunately, but getting location details data gave us good insight about user behaviour. Soon, we will also start tracking offline conversion with Analytics enhanced e-commerce tracking.

With our content marketing strategy and on-site optimisation work, organic traffic for generic keywords increased significantly. As AdWords was mainly dominated by our Remarketing campaigns targeting returning visitors, organic traffic was a key traffic driver for new users.

After our SEO work Juico was soon indexed for generic keywords like ‘detoks’, ‘detoks diet’ etc. As you can see from the screenshots below getting indexed on the first page on Google for these keywords increased organic clicks and visibility.

Our content marketing strategy was a great success in terms of organic visibility. We were able to improve blog traffic from month to month and assist to the overall sales revenue.

Partnering with Kubix Digital we were able to drive incremental business growth. Their sophisticated audience strategy allowed us to reduce ad costs by focusing only on potential customers. Coupled with our organic marketing efforts, their strategy helped us acquire new users through low-cost paid marketing campaigns.

Deniz Derman & Sedef Dördüncü

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