SEO Case Study

Cleanse Me Up With Juico - How We Boosted Online Branding, Traffic & Sales

Since 2013 Juico has been offering cold pressed juices, blends and healthy snacks. With over 9 sales locations in Istanbul, plus the online shop, Juico is a well-known brand in Turkey when it comes to detox and clean eating products.


  • Increase new users by attracting people who are interested in healthy life, fitness and weight loss
  • Increase online sales through organic and paid search
  • Improve organic visibility for generic and long-tail keywords


  • Fixed major technical SEO issues
  • Detailed content audit and developed content strategy
  • Create Blog and write about trending topics
  • Backlink strategy and influencer marketing


  • Organic traffic has increased by 350% YoY
  • Increased online transactions by 42%
  • Featured snippets for high-volume informative keywords
  • Appearing #1 in SERP for generic keywords like for example Detox

What We've Done

We fixed major technical SEO issues related to crawling and indexing. As we had limited development resources we focused mainly on auditing and optimizing website's content.

We decided to focus on a strategy around a key-niche service line detox products. We analyzed all detox-related search terms, their search volumes and keyword difficulties, and prepared a strategy to target these keywords on the website.

When analyzing our PPC data, we saw that the conversion rates for daily detox keyword variations were the highest. So we prepared content pieces containing these keywords.

After checking the social-media engagement and the comments below the posts, we realized that Juico users relied on other users opinions and testimonials. The search volume for keywords like ‘Juico users’, ‘Juico comments’ or ‘Juico experience’ was quite high. We opened a separate page with user testimonials to gather these searches organically.

To drive traffic to the website with location and store searches, we created separate store pages with a paragraph of content and a map for each location.

We started writing optimized content for the blog with the main focus on user's intent, based upon our analysis of health-, nutrition-, dieting- and sports-keywords and related popular questions. With this, we could secure rankings and traffic at early research stages.

Alongside our content optimization- and creation-activity, we created a backlink strategy. To get high quality backlinks, we established relationships with influencers in the client’s niche, like famous nutritionists, food bloggers, and yoga and pilates bloggers.

What We've Achieved

We made Juico an organic search authority for detox. Securing organic #1 rankings for a number of terms for Juico, including "detox", "what is detox", "how to make detox", "detox programmes" and further page one rankings for competitive generic terms, including "omega 3", "avocado", "benefits of ginger" and more.

We achieved an incredible return for Juico, 64% increase of total transactions. Organic traffic has increased by 350% YoY and online transactions grew by 43%.

We have improved rankings for almost all detox-related and informative keywords. From the ±1200 tracked keywords, we achieved 996 first page and 403 even first place.

Juico was listed in the top 3 of Google SERP for high-volume informative keywords and conversion keywords. This was a big success: Juico ranks now first for 403 search terms in Google and featured snippets in the SERP.

By partnering with Kubix Digital we were able to drive incremental business growth. Their sophisticated digital marketing strategy allowed us to increase organic visibility and reduce ad costs by focusing only on potential customers. Coupled with our organic marketing efforts, their strategy helped us acquire new users and customers.

Deniz Derman & Sedef Dördüncü

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