PPC Case Study

KIA Increases Leads By Threefold & Drives 56% More Visits To The Website

South Korea's first bicycle and car manufacturer, KIA, has been among the stars of the global automotive market with its steady growth and creative technologies since 1944. KIA is currently one of the fastest growing automobile brands in the world, guiding South Korea's automotive industry. KIA is represented by 41 dealerships in Turkey.


  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Drive Traffic to Website
  • Generate Leads
  • Stimulate Footfall to KIA Dealerships


  • Advertised on Search, the Google Display Network and YouTube
  • Optimized Towards 100% Impression Share In KIA Model Keywords
  • Used Remarketing Lists For Search Ads
  • Targeted In-Market Audiences
  • Optimized Ad Texts For Mobile


  • Threefold Increase In Leads
  • 56% More Traffic To Website
  • Doubled Number Of New Visitors From AdWords

What We've Done

Together with KIA’s marketing team in Turkey we use Google AdWords to help consumers searching for cars learn more about KIA, to initiate communication with people interested in KIA models and to encourage test drives.

We began by optimizing search campaigns for the KIA brand and model keywords, making daily bid adjustments to keep search result positions high and CPCs low.

Sitelinks were used to promote price information and draw attention to special offers, while call-out extensions highlighted brand services – a measure that produced a positive effect on both the click-through rate and quality score. We also connected with new potential customers through generic Google searches, which then directed users to special product and campaign pages.

We used remarketing campaigns in both display and search to remind previous site visitors about the brand and encourage test drives. The vehicle purchase decision process takes three months on average, so the team created long- and short-term remarketing lists for search ads and remarketing campaigns on the Google Display Network specific to each new model. Site visitors were invited for test drives via banners containing the actual product they had viewed on the site.

To promote special offers, we made the most of targeting capabilities in the Google Display Network and launched YouTube in-stream and in-display campaigns in parallel with TV commercials. We then remarketed to people who watched the videos with messaging to encourage test drives.

What We've Achieved

Through this strategy, a total of 4.2 million new user sessions took place in a 15-month period, doubling the number of new users in the previous period. Although the primary aim wasn’t conversions, more than 19,000 new users from these generic campaigns made conversions on the site.

Overall, remarketing measures like these improved conversion rates by approximately 70%. With mobile traffic increasing rapidly from month to month, we focused on bid adjustments on mobile CPCs by optimising ad texts to fit the shorter ad space available on mobile.

Our team created mobile-preferred ad texts using shorter, clearer call-to-action statements with shorter sitelinks and call-out extensions. Our aim was to keep first position in search ads while continuously monitoring the right CPC for mobile ads. In this way, we succeeded in reducing KIA’s mobile CPCs by 80%.

Together our digital marketing initiatives produced fantastic results: a threefold increase in leads and 56% more traffic to the website, while the rate of new visitors from AdWords doubled.

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