Integrated Case Study

An Integrated SEO, PPC & YouTube Optimization Strategy For KIA Turkey Resulted In More Traffic & Conversions

KIA is South Korea’s oldest manufacturer of motor vehicles - that went from producing bicycles and motorcycles, to becoming the fifth largest vehicle manufacturer worldwide. Kubix Digital is working with KIA Turkey since May 2012. Starting off with Google Ads, KIA also receives SEO and YouTube optimization services since 2018.


  • Improve Search Visibility and Non-Branded Keyword Traffic
  • Increase Number of Test Drives and Quote Requests Without Increasing Ad Spend
  • Improve Branding and Video Engagement on YouTube


  • Technical SEO Audit Resulted in 38 Prioritized Recommendations
  • Opened New Category Pages
  • Thorough YouTube Channel & Video Optimization


  • New Category Pages Generated an Additional 35,000 Organic Page Views
  • Non-Brand Organic Traffic & Ranking Improved
  • YouTube Views, Likes, Shares & Subscribers Increased Significantly
  • Increase In Google Ads Conversions & Decrease In Cost Per Conversion

What We've Done

2018 was a difficult year for the Automotive industry in Turkey. The fall of the Turkish currency made it difficult for Automotive brands to sell their even more expensive cars. KIA recognized the need for investment in their brand and outlined a clear integrated search and video marketing strategy.

Our main goal was to integrate SEO, PPC and YouTube optimization activities in order to maximize the effects of our work. Our strategy, hereby, was led by the online customer journey of a person purchasing a car - which is a long term process, determined by different touchpoints. We had to make sure that most of these touchpoints were covered; touchpoints range from ‘which car is best’ and ‘is the car right for me’, to ‘can I afford it’, ‘where should I buy it’ and ‘am I getting a deal’ moments.

We started with our technical SEO audit, which resulted in 38 prioritized recommendations. As a result we (1) optimized the crawl budget to prevent crawling of duplicate and low-value content, (2) increased site-speed by better loading optimized images, and (3) curated content pages for specific car categories, eg. SUV cars, in order to optimize for non-brand generic keywords that would catch the users in the beginning of their customer journey. These category pages were determined by user search queries.

Besides wanting to cover high volume generic search keywords on Google organically, as the turnover from these keywords were long term, we also wanted to capture such keywords on YouTube search. Videos play an incremental role in the car buying journey, driving discovery and awareness of the vehicles. We started to optimize the KIA Turkey YouTube channel with the YouTube Enhancement project, which KIA ran internationally in corporation with Google. We improved the channel’s look and feel, gave content enrichment suggestions and optimized the videos to make them more discoverable.

What We've Achieved

The SEO improvements that we did had an incremental input on the organic performance, and overall the ranking and visibility for KIA Turkey’s non-brand organic traffic improved. The newly opened category pages generated an additional 35,000 page views, and ranked first page and even first place for major keywords like SUV cars and hybrid cars.

The YouTube Enhancement project showed us how important YouTube optimization can be. By creating a featured channel and playlist structure, adding video thumbnails, performing global content curation and content enhancement, optimizing the video titles, descriptions and tags regarding search behavior and keywords, as well as creating cards, brand watermarks, CTA overlays and end screens, we were able to improve all the channel and video metrics given in YouTube analytics. Not only did the average view duration, shares and number of likes improve, also the video views went up with more than 600%, and the subscribers amount increased by almost 550%.

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