SEO Case Study

Local SEO, Google My Business Optimization, and Google Ads Local Campaigns Improved KIA’s Local Visibility and Increased Dealership Visits

Starting 7 years ago with Google Ads consultancy services, Kubix Digital and KIA Turkey’s cooperation still stands strong today; adding Local Search optimization to its line of services, as of this year.


  • Make it easier for potential customers to interact with KIA dealers.
  • Increase the visibility of KIA dealers on Google’s SERP and Google Maps.
  • Increase local interactions and website visits coming from GMB listings.


  • Prepared drafts of dealer pages, to move them from subdomain to root URL.
  • Opened and optimized Google My Business accounts for dealers.
  • Optimized web form CTA fields directing to the dealers.
  • Supported Google Ads local campaigns with map and local-pack interactions.
  • Used location targeting in Google Ads campaigns focusing on location-specific keywords.


  • The total number of searches, views, and interactions on Google’s Local Pack and Google Maps for dealers grew by 3 times.
  • Traffic coming from the dealer listings to the site resulted in a 67% increase in conversions.
  • Google Local campaign brought 105% more visits to the dealers, compared to the previous year.
  • Google Ads local campaigns received an extra 1,500 store visits.
  • Increased online test driving- and appointment-forms by 270%, compared to the previous year.

What We've Done

In Turkey there are nearly 50 KIA dealers. It is important for those dealers to keep up with the digital transformation when potential customers are coming closer to the final stages of the buying process. To make this happen in the best possible way, we had to do various optimizations and develop local strategies.

In our strategies the focus was on (a) improving the organic search results and Google Maps results, and (b) to increase the interaction between the potential customers, the dealer, and KIA Turkey; increasing conversions likewise. We soon understood that by focusing on a single channel, we wouldn’t be able to execute and optimize the strategies successfully. That’s why we worked on local search engine optimization, Google My Business location optimization, and supported all of our efforts with Google Ads local campaigns.

The fact that the KIA dealer pages were placed under a subdomain was a handicap from a technical point of view, in terms of organic optimizations. So the first thing we did was suggesting KIA to host all dealer pages under the KIA Turkey domain. We then started to prepare the drafts for the dealer pages and designed those pages in such a way that customers easily would find dealer-specific and KIA-specific information. Our aim was to collect and convert searches such as “kia istanbul dealers” on meaningful pages, under the domain.

80% of KIA Turkey’s website traffic comes from mobile devices. Knowing this, we’ve optimized the mobile-specific CTA buttons to improve the user experience positively, and to make it easier for users to convert on mobile devices. Here we’ve repositioned the CTA buttons to make them more prominent on pages with the most traffic and most user-interaction, and added CTA buttons on important mobile pages that didn’t have any call-to-action field yet.

Our next step was to open Google My Business accounts for all the dealer pages. Each GMB account was completely optimized and filled with accurate dealer information. For the links redirecting back to the website we’ve created UTM tags so that we could measure the user interaction with the site. With the activation of the Store Visit technology, we were now able to evaluate offline dealer visits as well. What we aimed for, was to increase the visibility of the KIA dealers on Google Maps, and to monitor customers’ interaction with dealers both digitally and offline.

By using Google Ads, our goal was to ensure that potential customers convert on KIA’s website, such as filling lead forms and test drive forms. To do that, we wanted to run effective search ads in particular. However; once users fill out the form, the next step would be to contact the dealer in order to complete the buying process. For that very reason, we primarily used location add-ons in our search ads, and aimed at showing the nearest dealer to potential users in the ad results.

When we examined the searches that previously landed users on the KIA dealer pages, we noticed that users often use location keywords in their search queries, for example: “kia istanbul”. By focusing on such location-oriented keywords, we’ve created another ad campaign specific to these words and set a +20% bid to users within a 30 km radius of any KIA dealer.

By setting up Google’s new ‘local campaign’, we enabled KIA dealers to show up on Google Maps with new car campaigns and vehicle models. Our goal by using this campaign type was to get more potential customers to click on the KIA logo or image appearing on Google entities, to call the nearest dealer, to get directions to the dealership or to visit the KIA website.

What We've Achieved

By using a combination of local SEO, Google My Business optimization, and Google Ads local campaigns - and with a strategic plan in place, we’ve managed to increase dealer visits and local interactions for KIA Turkey.

By optimizing Google My Business listings for all KIA Turkey dealers, we saw that the interaction of customers with the dealer accounts improved significantly; there was a 3-fold increase in the total number of searches, views, and interactions on Google Maps for KIA dealers.

At the same time, we were able to measure the extra traffic coming in from Google My Business listings to the site. This traffic resulted in an increase in conversions by 67%.

Now that we have access to the store visit data as well, we were able to better track the journey of KIA Turkey’s customers from online to offline store. Prior to this data, we were optimizing ad campaigns only with the online conversion data we had on hand; oftentimes leading to pausing keywords that weren’t converting or that had a low ROI.

After all our optimization work, looking at the store visits data now it shows that the number of store visits increased by 105% year-on-year. With the Google Ads local campaigns alone, we’ve managed to bring in an additional 1,500 store visits. By continuously optimizing the campaigns with online and offline data we have not only increased the number of store visit conversions, but also managed to increase the number of online conversions by 270% when compared to the previous year.

"The efforts of Kubix Digital have been instrumental in achieving a higher ranking on Google and increasing overall traffic and leads to our business. The team has been a stable partner in our multi-year engagement. Their creativity and dedication to the work have been trademarks of our collaboration. We cannot be happier."

Hande Karamanoğlu
Kia Marketing Manager

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