Integrated Case Study

Google CPC Optimization Led To 58% Increase Of Revenue Within 1 Year

Kubix Digital offers its services to Turkey’s leading Jean brand “Mavi” since 2013. Mavi receives Google PPC and A/B testing support from our team.


  • Grow E-commerce Revenue, ROI and Conversion Rate
  • Drive New Users to's site
  • Raise Brand Awareness


  • Daily monitoring & optimization of campaigns on a very granular level
  • Constant Testing of Call Outs, Sitelinks and Ad Texts
  • Detailed ad scheduling in place for targeting the hours analyzed in Analytics for best shopping hours


  • 58% Increase in Revenue
  • 10% increase of New Users
  • Multivariate Testing Resulted in 28% Revenue Increase

What We've Done

We started working on an AdWords strategy, aiming to increase the number of new visitors to the site while increasing the E-commerce revenue of Mavi significantly. After consistently working on the Google Adwords campaigns; monitoring the campaigns on a daily basis and analyzing its performance led to a successful account structure.

With each launch, almost weekly updated offers or product highlights we changed the ad texts.

Constant testing of the call outs, sitelinks and ad texts helped maximising the account to the fullest. At the moment we are testing some of the highest relevant ads with adding new expanded ads right after Google announced the roll out.

In addition to PPC consultancy we also started Conversion Optimization with A/B and Multivariate tests for These series of tests resulted in a revenue increase of 28%. Depending on each test’s result the necessary changes to the site were made and we continued with new tests. Within this whole process our team took fast action and made the related changes to the account.

What We've Achieved

For our client the most important aspect of success here is that we work aligned with the Marketing team and see digital as the closing loop to all of their offline activities.

In addition to this it was important that we as an agency catch the potential customers and existing customers at all times at any stage of the sales funnel.

We were able to build awareness, interest and desire for Mavi's products. The high and satisfying sales numbers are the most important indicators for success here.

As a result of the performed optimizations on the Mavi PPC account for the last 1 year,’s new visitor percentage grew by 10% and revenue percentage by 58%.

As a result of continuous optimizations the account is already at a top performing level, but we will continue to fine-tune the existing campaigns in order to keep improving the account.

On the SEM and A/B testing side, our needs were understood by Kubix Digital. Their response time to us and the orderly reports they shared regularly, helped us to make fast decisions and take quick action on our side. Being one of the first brands that implements new tool releases suggested by Kubix Digital, goes hand in hand with Mavi’s innovative brand spirit and helps us grow with enthusiasm on a daily basis.

Önder Çakar
Senior E-Commerce Performance Marketing Chief

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