Shopping Case Study

Smart Shopping Campaigns Increased Our Client Mavi's Revenue by 175% in Just One Month

Mavi, one of the leading brands in the jeans sector, is an international brand for fashion and accessories that takes its power from its denim roots. Mavi adopts the philosophy of "Perfect fit" and has a customer-oriented strategy that provides strong pricing, segmentation and product differentiation with its effective communication strategy and reputable brand positioning. We wanted that our client reaches their potential customers and increases its revenue by using Google's Smart Shopping product for their paid search marketing efforts.


  • Increase reach while reducing cost
  • To increase revenue from sales


  • Smart Shopping campaigns were implemented
  • Maximizing the number of conversions was adopted


  • 50% Reduction of CPCs for Shopping campaigns
  • 175% increase in revenue by using Smart Shopping
  • Minimizing time spent on manual optimization

What We've Done

Known as a lifestyle brand that has a say in the global fashion world, Mavi reaches consumers in more than five thousand sales touch points and 425 stores in 35 countries in the world. Embracing a customer-focused strategy, we wanted that Mavi brings their products and their extensive fashionable and trendy collection to their existing customers and attract new consumers who would love their products.

Prior to the launch of the Smart Shopping campaign, Mavi and our Kubix Digital account management team focused on feed optimization. On the feed side, we organized product titles and descriptions, the campaigns were divided into granular product groups. By this strategy the performance of our Shopping campaigns had already improved. However, in order to achieve a maximum of sales and revenue from these campaigns, we decided to try Google's Smart Shopping product for Mavi's Shopping campaigns.

Working together with our team, the campaign has adopted the bidding strategy to maximize the number of conversions. With the launch of Smart Shopping Mavi has combined all of its existing product feed and items with Google's machine learning. Users who search products with an optimized product feed have reached an area in which they can directly see Mavi's products displayed.

What We've Achieved

Thanks to machine learning, clicks and conversions are maximized. Decrease in cost per click and increase in conversion rate clearly showed that machine learning has optimized the campaign the way we wanted it to be. In just one month, cost increased by 44%, cost-per-click decreased by 50%, while revenue from sales increased by 175%. Additionally, clicks increased by over 200%.

Optimized feed, working with the goal of maximizing the number of product releases and conversions in the larger inventory, machine learning was the key to success for this campaign.

Our team now also had time to focus more on the strategy for our client and was able to minimize the time spent on manual optimization compared to the Smart Shopping model.

By following technological innovations, testing and measuring return on investment has an important place in our performance marketing strategy. With testing out Smart Shopping campaigns, we have increased our return on investment by using our budget more efficiently.

Önder Çakar
E-Commerce Performance Marketing Manager, Mavi

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