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METRO's "Own Business Day - 2018" Was A Huge Success

Google’s Display Campaigns reached Turkey’s business owners with more than 230.000.000 Impressions and 650.000 Clicks for METRO’s "Own Business Day” Project and resulted in a total of 36.580 offers generated throughout Turkey.


  • Raise brand awareness
  • Drive traffic to Own Business Day (=OBD) platform and Metro Cash & Carry’s website
  • Achieve a wide Reach
  • Generate Deals for OBD


  • 80% of the Google AdWords budget was allocated to Google’s Display Network
  • Extensive use of Google Display Network Campaigns, Search and Gmail Ads


  • A total of 36.580 offers generated throughout Turkey.
  • Metro Turkey was ranked 3rd out of 24 participating Metro countries in terms of submitted offers
  • Besides the extensive Search campaigns a total of 230 Million Impressions and 650.000 Clicks were achieved for this special day during the campaign

What We've Done

METRO Group wanted to take METRO to the next level, globally, with an event that fitted perfectly into METRO’s brand positioning as championing independent businesses.

Own Business Day is METRO’s first advertising campaign that not only communicates messages about METRO’s brand and offers but also makes METRO’s customers more successful. METRO has invented a day that is dedicated to the business owners of the world.

Business owners sometimes don’t have the opportunity to advertise their businesses or, due to their location disadvantages, cannot survive long term. Therefore, with the creation of “Own Business Day” METRO wanted to show business owners that METRO is there for them and helps their businesses to be heard. And we, as METRO’s Search Engine Marketing Agency, supported METRO in making this day a big success.

We rolled out several Search, GDN and Gmail Ads campaigns to reach Turkey’s business owners and made them aware of this unique day that they can use to also promote their businesses.

The search campaigns not only covered brand searches for METRO and “Own Business Day”, but also more generic B2B Keywords that are mainly used by business owners like; “horeca”, “wholesale food” or “industrial kitchen equipment” and so forth. After we started with the communication across all channels, we noticed businesses and end consumers started searching for “Own Business Day” on Google and at that point we knew that the awareness was built.

As for our GDN strategy, we set up contextual, topic and interest targeted campaigns aiming to reach out to businesses in Turkey. In addition to this, extensive use of Remarketing strategies were in place. 10 days before the event we also launched B2C campaigns to tell everybody about this big day.

The Google Search Campaigns were divided into 3 phases. The first phase was targeting business owners and communicating to them to sign up to the OBD Platform in order to generate offers and receive their Merchandising kit for their own advertising.

The second phase of the Search campaigns targeted everybody to inform that there will be an “Own Business Day” on October 9th and to lead them to the ODB website for checking out the offers that are close to their location and to take their interest. Again 3 different Expanded Ad Texts were created and tested.

In the last phase, the actual day of the event, at midnight on October 9th 3 Expanded Ads with strong call to actions were created to remind everybody of the “Own Business Day” taking place that day and not to miss out on these very special offers.

What We've Achieved

As a result of the campaigns that we set up for METRO’s “Own Business Day”, Turkey was the country with the highest reach above all 24 other METRO countries also promoting this event over Google AdWords.

Business owners not only from Istanbul, but also throughout the whole country and smaller cities generated 36.580 deals with Google Paid being the main source for its success.

Besides the Search campaigns a total of 230 Million Impressions and 650.000 Clicks were achieved for this special day from GDN and GDN Remarketing campaigns during the advertised period.

For Google Search Campaigns a total of 45.000 Clicks were generated on the ads that were shown 350.000 times. The most important aspect for us as an agency was to create an effect and engage a wide mass of businesses and later get everybody to use the offers generated online. This campaign was a showcase of how well online and offline activities worked together

Since I had worked with Kubix Digital for 7 years in my previous role, I was so proud to have the best success in terms of views on YouTube for Own Business Day for Turkey. I am so glad that we were partners that created the success for spreading overseas. Thanks for being our successors!

Funda Karaçil
Brand Manager Customer Experience Expert in Digital Asset Management Global Branding & Activation METRO Group

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