Analytics Case Study

Search Engine Marketing For Language Learning Platform MUZZY BBC In Germany And The Netherlands

Already for a very long time, MUZZY BBC is every child’s favorite language learning program in the US. Now that MUZZY is completely renewed with new animations and sounds, it was time to (re-)introduce this lovely furry green monster to children and parents in Germany and the Netherlands.


  • Setup Google Analytics correctly
  • Improve data collection to get accurate data
  • Enable and correct e-commerce and PayPal tracking for German and Dutch pages
  • Increase the number of subscriptions in German and Dutch speaking countries (Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, and Belgium).
  • Lower Google Ads cost of conversion


  • A detailed and thorough Google Analytics audit
  • Setup rules for data collection and access governance
  • Event tracking for every important touch point
  • Data integrity to assure accurate and consistent data
  • Multilingual Google Ads management and optimization
  • Detailed ads campaign splitting and focus on negative keyword expansion


  • Improved website data collection
  • Reduced collection of wrong data
  • Increased transactions for German and Dutch speaking countries

What We've Done

To bring MUZZY to the attention of children and parents in Europe, Growing Minds (who owns the exclusive worldwide license to sell MUZZY BBC) teamed up with Kubix Digital to promote the language learning program, through Google Ads. Starting with the European Dutch speaking countries (the Netherlands and Belgium) and the German speaking countries (Germany, Switzerland, and Austria); for this, MUZZY had created German and Dutch website versions. MUZZY herewith put us in charge of correcting the German and Dutch contents and grammar on the website.

Before kicking off the Ads campaigns, it was crucial that any interaction on their website was tracked properly. In order to have better data analysis and give informed decisions, MUZZY decided to use Google Analytics as their main data platform. We created a comprehensive project plan to do a detailed Google Analytics checkup audit, using various online collaboration tools to track the items and deliverables of the audit. Together with the developers of MUZZY’s website we ensured that everything was set up correctly and clean reliable data was coming in to Google Analytics. Our checkup audit consisted of 6 elements that were implemented and re-checked at multiple stages: (1) account setup and governance, (2) configuration, (3) data integrity, (4) measurement, (5) conversion/goal tracking, and (6) reporting.

Additionally we changed the website URL structure, in order to track and analyze the German and Dutch pages. For this, we created a new subfolder structure, and new Google Analytics views for the specific German and Dutch pages. These views would have their own goals, filters and user data, to greatly simplify our data analysis.

When the Google Analytics data was properly functioning, we started running the Google Ads Search campaigns, promoting the different language packages MUZZY offers, in the native language of the targeted countries. These ad campaigns were optimized on a bi-weekly basis.

Halfway through the year, MUZZY’s entire website (including the Dutch and German pages) was restructured and certain conditions were changed (14-day free trial period was added, PayPal payment option was added, and the app was launched and mentioned on the website). With the new payment option and the trial-period added to the website, we made sure that Google Analytics was continuing to do its job. In the Google Analytics account we enabled the tracking of third party transaction websites. To correctly track the transactions on both German and Dutch pages, we created separate thank-you pages. By creating these specific thank-you pages, we could easily analyze real attribution sources and performances of the goals and transactions. Google Ad copies were adjusted likewise.

What We've Achieved

After our detailed Google Analytics audit, MUZZY’s website had a better and more correct data analysis going on inside Google Analytics. By creating filters and removing spam, bot, and internal traffic, more accurate data was coming to the Google Analytics platform. After adding several views, and with the correct setup and goals, MUZZY now has a better way of understanding their marketing activities and their performances inside Google Analytics.

With the correction of the language on the Dutch and German MUZZY website pages and the inclusion of additional payment methods, we have been able to increase the number of transactions through Google Ads, in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Belgium. Thanks to our frequent search term analysis, tweaks in bids, and keyword match type optimizations, we were able to lower CPCs and to increase the number of conversions month-over-month.

We started running the highly-targeted Google Ads campaigns 7 months ago. Since the first month of the campaign, we’ve managed to drop the already low CPCs at the start of the campaign for the German speaking countries by 20%, and for the Dutch speaking countries even by 35%.

In the German speaking countries, the number of overall transactions increased, in comparison with the period prior to the ad campaigns and the launch of the native language web pages, by more than 1200%, and in the Dutch speaking countries the number of conversions increased by over 440%.

We also set up a Google Ads Video campaign for branding and reach purposes in Germany to run for a month, which resulted in an additional 20% paid traffic to the website. Our cooperation with MUZZY BBC continues to date, with more Google Ads campaigns for other European countries in the pipeline.

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