PPC Case Study

Thousands Of App Downloads Through Universal App Campaigns For Niche B2B Client Sandvik Coromant

Based in Sweden, Sandvik Coromant is world’s leading supplier of cutting tools, tooling solutions, services and know-how to the metal cutting industry. With the Ifind app, Sandvik Coromant provides its users machining sources and knowledge, tool information, updates and stock availability, allows users to make purchases and track orders; wherever and whenever they like.


  • Increase Downloads for Sandvik Coromant’s Ifind App
  • Reach a Reasonable Cost Per Download


  • Test Campaign in Italy
  • Ran 3-Month Universal App Campaigns
  • Asset Testing and Optimization
  • Constant Cost Per Install Bid Change


  • Launched 10 UACs in 9 European Countries
  • Received More Than 40 Thousand App Downloads
  • Maintained an Average CPI between €1 and €1.50

What We've Done

Sandvik Coromant’s goal was to boost its Ifind app downloads in Europe. We first launched a test universal app campaign in Italy to see the outcomes and to decide whether or not UACs were the right approach for achieving their goal within a niche B2B industry.

The users of the Ifind app are individuals or companies specialized in all types of metal cutting work, including; drilling, turning, threading and parting. Their app provides cutting tool solutions and also purchases of tools can be made within the app. Since universal app campaigns run on machine learning, we were not able to steer the system into the right direction of the desired specific target audience. A careful analyzation and creation of the ad assets was therefore crucial. We used as many ad assets as possible in order to allow the system to learn, to discover the best performing assets and to show these assets to the right audience. We soon recognized which banner sizes, wordings, and images worked best. A month into the campaign we optimized the low performing and low converting creatives, as this way the system would continuously be able to learn and understand the audience better, download after download.

Besides optimizing the ad assets, we also started, as soon as the learning phase was completed, with decreasing the cost per install bid. Pushing the CPI bid down allowed more downloads to fit within the set budget.

After the test universal app campaign in Italy ended successfully, we started running 2 more universal app campaigns in Belgium, targeting the Dutch and French-speaking areas with different campaigns. Between September and December 2018, another 7 countries lined up and completed a universal app campaign with Kubix Digital, including; France, United Kingdom, Sweden, Denmark, Russia, Spain, and Portugal.

What We've Achieved

Since day 1 of the Italian universal app campaign, the app download results were beyond our and our clients’ expectations. To us, the following numbers prove that UACs are not just working perfect for B2C apps, but also the B2B industry highly benefits from running universal app campaigns.

For Italy, the campaign resulted in more than 4,000 app downloads. When we compare the results with the same time period before the start of the campaign, we see an increase in downloads of more than 3 thousand percent. And all that we’ve achieved with an average CPI of less than 1 euro.

Italy was not just a lucky-shot: all 8 countries that followed, for which we applied the same strategy and lasted the campaigns the same period of time, shown similarly impressive results. With almost 20 million impressions, 350 thousand clicks, an average conversion rate of 10 % and download increases ranging between 6 thousand and 64 thousand percent, the Ifind universal app campaigns were a great success in Europe. However, it did not come easy:

For the Nordic countries and the UK, we had to work with a higher cost per install; the competition in these countries was a lot more aggressive compared to the Southern European countries and it was challenging to push the CPI bid down. Spain and Portugal had one of the best conversion data, and also the campaign in Russia was performing surprisingly good - surprisingly, as there were regulations and policy violations with the creatives, that caused a concern for the overall performance of the campaign. In the end, Russia alone accounted for 25 % of the overall Ifind UAC downloads.

In total, the universal app campaigns delivered more than 40 thousand app downloads for Sandvik Coromant, reached an average download increase of almost 24 thousand %, and all while maintaining a cost per install between €1 and €1.50 euro on average.

The optimization of the ad assets was the most important step during the campaign. The optimized banner images, which were added to the system halfway the campaign, often out-performed the high converting banners that were added at the start; making it a crucial step in being successful. Also by decreasing the CPI bid over time, the download rate increased steadily, resulting in more downloads month after month.

Kubix Digital's various Search Engine Marketing efforts produce excellent results, increase leads and App downloads. Beyond these, the team is extremely helpful, explaining results where necessary and maintaining a professional relationship throughout.

Zeynep Ayyildiz
Sandvik Coromant Digital Marketing Specialist Europe

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