PPC Case Study

Universal App Campaigns Deliver 80% Of All App Downloads For TAMBU

2017 Türk Telekom introduced Tambu, a keyboard app for iOS and Android. With Tambu, Türk Telekom wants to emphasize the importance of technology and make it accessible to everyone. You can customize your keyboard fonts and change the theme. You can further add a background wallpaper and use even more features. 


  • Raise App Awareness
  • Increase Visibility In All Areas Of The Google Network
  • Boost App Downloads At $1.00 Target Cost Per Install


  • Used Search Campaigns and TrueView Campaigns to Raise Awareness
  • Ran Universal App Campaigns for Increased Scale and Efficiency
  • Ongoing Optimization on Creatives and CPA Settings


  • Delivered Almost 1 Million Downloads
  • Maintained an Overall CPI of $0.45
  • Steadily Increased Downloads by Lowering Cost per Download
  • %80 of Total Downloads Came From UAC Campaigns

What We've Done

Tambu is an app to customize fonts and messages for your mobile phone. It’s a great messaging platform with features like changing keyboard fonts, text fonts and themes. Türk Telekom introduced this app as a new free feature accessible to everyone. The app quickly became everyone’s favorite and for Türk Telekom the promotion of the app was crucial to drive long-term loyalty with their customers.

To raise awareness and drive app downloads, we partnered with Turk Telekom to build a holistic and cost-effective app strategy. The first step was to build awareness as the app was just released and nobody knew it. Therefore, a search campaign with brand and generic keywords was created to get users to the webpage where they could then get more information about the app and download it. Besides this there was a big offline branding campaign going on on TV and also on Billboards. The TV ad was published on YouTube as well.  Promoting it on the YouTube network was a must and the results were even more successful. The video got almost 600.000 views with a CPV cost of $0.01.

After the branding campaigns, the goal was now to increase the app downloads. We conducted an analysis of the app to define the slogans and the creatives for the assets. We started with testing some descriptions and creatives till they got the best results for the system to reach the CPA target. The potentials of the universal app campaign settings were fully used, 5 ad descriptions, 20 creatives and the videos were used and tested during the launch period.

On the tracking side, a third-party tracking tool called Adjust was implemented. The tool was integrated with the AdWords system so that the downloads could be tracked properly. The total downloads for AdWords and the downloads per other channel were tracked and reported weekly to make sure to achieve the target goals. 

What We've Achieved

In a very short time the reports showed us that the Universal App campaigns were by far the most effective channel. In the end, almost %80 of all total downloads came from AdWords. Compared to other platforms, the CPA cost was almost half of the price. Not only the download costs were low and the reach was quite high, the analysts realized that the installs coming from AdWords had a higher quality than the other platforms. The app deletion rate was lower and the user engagement was higher. This data showed the company that AdWords was the most successful channel so they decided to cut costs for the other platforms to utilize the performance of the Universal App Campaigns.

The Tambu campaign quickly exceeded its goals. In terms of downloads the app reached around 3 million downloads, 2 million downloads came organically and the rest were mainly coming from AdWords. Compared to other paid marketing channels 80% of the downloads came from the Universal App Campaigns. What’s more, Türk Telekom benefited from a 50% lower cost per install than the initial forecast. The the high volume of app traffic also had an impact on the overall organic downloads, which again boosted the app’s organic indexing and visibility. 

The Tambu Universal App Campaign was the key driver to get our app noticed and downloaded by our audience. The spike in downloads we saw once Google understood from machine learning, was immense. Our proper tracking, frequent reporting, testing the assets and manually optimizing the CPA settings truly contributed to this success

Sedat Kühlen
Türk Telekom Media Planning Executive

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