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Structured Data Guide With Examples

When you search for a brand on Google, you most likely will see a box appear next to the search results with a brief introduction of the company. Take for instance Mavi Jeans. At a glance, you learn more about their brand, origins and the products they offer. You no longer need to search their website to understand what they do. And hey, this is not just a service Google automatically created for them. They did this all by themselves. And you can do it too! The magic words are Structured Data.

In fact, you can provide much more than the so-called knowledge graph. You have events coming up? Tell them in your snippet. Created the perfect apple pie? Provide the recipe instantly. Your products have a good review score? Share it with the searchers. All these extra bits of information make your search result stand out from the rest and people will more likely click on your link.

To get you going, we have put together the most important Structured Data types with real examples of markup data that you can implement on your website right away. We know; it might look scary but it is not difficult, we promise! If you need help, have questions/comments or just want to share your experiences with us, feel free to get in touch. We’d really like to hear from you.

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