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The Ultimate App Store Optimization Guide

If you have a mobile App, you might have noticed that getting your app found on the App Store isn't easy. You might have tried different techniques, invested in marketing but not much happened? Than you probably didn’t optimize your App for the App Store. App Store search remains the biggest driver of app discovery, accounting more than half of new App installs on both iOS and Android, at least now you should get started with App Store Optimization.

The bad news: There are over 5 million apps hanging around in the App & Play Store and standing out from the crowd needs a long term effort. The good news is app store optimization best practices are not yet that popular. So chances are quite good to gain competitive advantage.

This guide contains all necessary elements of ASO. We reviewed both Google Play and iTunes and put together different strategies for each platform. Download the guide below and use the included checklist. Questions, comments or you just want to share your success? We would love to hear from you.

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