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Open Positions

Date Position Location
2017-11-15 Technical SEO Analyst Istanbul
2017-06-26 Digital Marketer - Paid Marketing/AdWords Istanbul
2017-06-26 Digital Marketer – Content Marketing Istanbul
2017-06-26 Digital Marketer – Organic/Inbound Marketing Istanbul

Such a good place to work

Because it's such a great place to be and being part of a steady growth, Kubix Digital’s team is made up of amazing people who love to work together. At Kubix Digital you'll feel welcome from day one.

You get to manage your own workload. Kubix Digital gives every employee the opportunity to be autonomous. Perhaps it doesn’t suit everyone, but for people who appreciate the responsibility and don’t need handholding, it’s definitely liberating.

As a company, we invest in each member's career because Kubix Digital cares. We are proud of our team and encourage the efforts of all “Kubixer’s” in their achievements throughout their career with us. Next, to his / hers core work we encourage everyone to deep-dive in various other fields related to our business.

To support this, we have team training sessions on a regularly basis, we have memberships in online training portals, such as Lynda, we use online sources such as Safari books, we attend training sessions & online tutorials from several different 3rd party tools which we are using, we attend at business related conferences, exhibitions, and seminars and we work from different locations besides our headquarters.

We endorse every “Kubixer” to share all ideas and recommendations to help drive the atmosphere in the working environment run smoothly and efficiently. We strengthen ourselves on integrating each team member to learn from one another. To help to achieve this, if a question has to be asked, do it. We strongly believe in our motto "there's no such thing as a stupid question, (only stupid answers)." Therefore every question is much appreciated which helps us develop further.

Some Great Perks

No Overtime

We know you have a life outside work that's why work-life-balance is important for us. We're not just saying it, we live it! So, we don’t want you to stay in the office longer than 6pm or work weekends.

Health Insurance

Health is vital. Therefore Kubix Digital provides a company healthcare package which is above industry average.


Apart from our End-of-the-Year / Christmas party, we also get to enjoy team dinners, sushi courses, karaoke sessions, scavenger hunts, company vacations domestic / international.

Extra Food

Daily food deliveries come to our office to keep your mood on a good level.

Extra Holidays

Your holidays are there to be enjoyed. Therefore holiday allowances are generous. Each new “Kubixer” gets 5 days holiday credit from the very second he/she joins our squad. There's nothing like a 6-12 month 'you're not allowed to take holidays' rule.

"Personal" Computers

We provide your choice of tech. Most people opt for a Mac, but Windows PCs are also available. Your laptop isn’t locked down with restrictions, leaving you to use it as your own.


We celebrate the end of the week with “Thank God It’s Friday - Get togethers”. Join us for TGIF Drinks or Team Lunches.

Happiness Budget

We have something called “Happiness Budget”. This is basically a personal allowance to spend on things that make you more productive at work such as a laptop upgrade, a new chair or a training course.

Remote Working

Working from home days - Once you are with us for over 2 years we offer you to work from home one day per week.

Social Media

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