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You've seen our team pictures, read our blog posts, and you are now curious of how we sound like? Listen to what we have to tell you and get to know us better. Learn about all the ins and outs of the digital marketing scene. Suck up the latest digital marketing gossips, tips and tricks, get ready to attend Award ceremonies and listen to some kick-ass case studies. All at your own convenience.

A Day in the Life of a Digital Marketer (English)

What is the first thing we do when we arrive at work? What kind of tasks do we have? Do we work overtime, or in weekends? Do we drink a lot of coffee - yes, we do. Find out what a typical day at Kubix looks like, as two of our digital marketers walk you through their days.

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22 Nov 2018

Talking about Major Trends in Paid Search 2018 and the Future of Digital Marketing with Anders Hjorth (English)

Anders Hjorth is a digital marketing strategist, entrepreneur and a frequent speaker on Digital Marketing topics as well as a judge on various Industry Awards in the area of Search Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Biddable Media. He joined us as a guest speaker in this podcast to give us Digital Marketing Insights. We get a sneak peek on how to be successful in Paid Search. We talked about AI, Machine Learning and revealed the most developed market in the Search Industry, especially in terms of Innovation. Curious? Well just listen to our great Podcast with highly useful insights!

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31 Oct 2018

SEO Talk With The One & Only Tech-and News SEO Barry Adams (English)

Barry Adams, Founder of Polemic Digital and a real tech and news SEO expert, joins us as our second guest speaker. Barry shares some SEO insights, including his thoughts on the past and future of SEO, the most overhyped SEO myths, AI and Machine learning and tells us about his favorite SEO tools. The conversation also touches his opinion on good talents in our industry and what a good SEO person’s winning skills should be.

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24 Oct 2018

Questions People Have About Google on Google (English)

Before this podcast, maybe you should go our blog section and read “History of Google” post. Then come and join us because we are answering some of your questions that you searched on Google like “Who googled me?”.

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13 Aug 2018