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You’ve seen our team pictures, read our blog posts, and now you are curious of how we sound like? Tune in and get to know us better: listen to what we have to say about the ever-changing digital marketing world.

SEO and SEM News-Recap Podcast of September 2019 (Turkish)

If you haven’t found the time yet to catch up with what happened in the SEO/SEM industry in September 2019, now it’s the time to listen!

In this episode, Gökay and me discuss two new link attributes related to “nofollow”; an update for reviews in rich results; “in this video” search feature; new snippet settings to customize search results; September 2019 Core Update; Google Ads new recommendations; and the industry events we loved!

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İrem Yılmaz
11 Oct 2019

Creating Perfect Local Landing Pages For SEO (English)

With the rise of mobile came the rise of 'nearby' searches. Now more than ever, it's important for businesses to start thinking local if they want to attract the right customer, in the right place and at the right time. How to do it? By creating local landing pages.

In this episode, I reveal what goes into a good local landing page for SEO so that your business too, can show up for local searches.

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Jolien Storteler
18 Sep 2019

SEO and SEM News-Recap Podcast of August 2019 (Turkish)

Tune in to our very first episode of the Kubix Digital monthly news-recap podcast-series, where we talk about the important updates of the SEO and SEM industry.

In this episode, İrem and me cover the new account maps feature on Google Ads, updated testing tools with Googlebot evergreen rendering, improvement of podcasts on Google Search, a metric and a method on Google Ads we're saying goodbye to soon, and a new video series (our favorite!), of August 2019.

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Gökay Pehlivan
12 Sep 2019

5 Psychological Tips to Write Outstanding Google Ad Texts (English)

We implement the technical requirements in our ad texts, and we’re always trying to achieve better results - but this simply is the standard work. This mediocrity means that in the end, our ad texts are not that much different than the ones from our competitors.

In this episode, I share 5 tips on how you can write outstanding ad texts that grab the potential customer's attention, and increase your ads click-rates likewise.

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Halide Ebcinoğlu
19 Jul 2019