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How To Increase App Visibility & Boost App Downloads (English)

Combining ASO with Google’s app marketing campaigns can be a strong move when you want to improve your ranking on the Apple App- and Google Play Store. With the right optimization and advertising plan, you can get a head start in boosting your app visibility and downloads.

In this episode, I walk you through 10 app store optimization steps, gives universal app campaign optimization tips, and explains how a combination of both can be more effective.

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Jolien Storteler
20 May 2019

Being Locally Found With Local Search (English)

Did you know that almost every 2nd search on Google is a localized search? But on the other side, 56% of local businesses have no Google My Business entry yet. These numbers show that there is huge untapped potential for local businesses.

In this episode, I talk about optimization techniques and marketing methods that companies can use to improve their local visibility on Google.

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Halide Ebcinoğlu
16 Apr 2019

Talking about Running Remote and the Future of Content & Digital Marketing with Liam Martin (English)

Liam Martin, the co-founder and CMO of TimeDoctor.com and Staff.com, joined our guest speaker series. Liam shared some insights on content marketing and digital marketing strategies that did & do work for him organizing the Running Remote Conference.

He gave us useful tips about Content Marketing in general with specific tips for Podcasting and also on how he sees the future with AI evolving.

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Pınar Ünsal
07 Mar 2019

The Past, Present and Future of SEO with Fili Wiese (English)

Fili Wiese, former senior member of the Google Search Quality team and SEO consultant at Searchbrothers, joined our guest speaker series during the e-commerce Berlin expo.

In this episode, Fili shares some insights and gives useful tips about search engine optimization, and talks about SEO back at the time working for Google, how SEO evolved since then and how it will probably look like in the future

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Halide Ebcinoğlu
28 Feb 2019