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You’ve seen our team pictures, read our blog posts, and now you are curious of how we sound like? Tune in and get to know us better: listen to what we have to say about the ever-changing digital marketing world.

Google Ads Workshops At Koç University With Assoc. Prof. Deniz Aksen (English)

Assoc. Prof. Deniz Aksen, lecturing classes in Business Administration / Operations Management and Information Systems at Koç University, was welcomed as our next podcast guest.

In this episode, Dr. Deniz shares his insights on why teaching Digital Marketing at universities is important, and how our Kubix Digital workshops benefit his every-year-growing e-commerce class. He also gives tips on how to prepare for a career in Digital Marketing.

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Pınar Ünsal
11 Jul 2019

Longtail UX SEO/SEA Tool And The Future Of Search Marketing With Andreas Dzumla (English)

Andreas Dzumla, the co-founder of Longtail UX, a patented landing page technology that gives e-commerce, classifieds, travel, news and directory websites businesses unprecedented scale in SEO & SEM, joined our guest speaker series.

In this episode, Andreas gives insights on his tool's business and benefits for SEOs & PPCs. He talks about voice search, Google’s AI & ML features, and takes a look into the future of the tool and the search industry.

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Pınar Ünsal
28 Jun 2019

Winning Search Marketing Strategies in Declining Economies (English)

We as an agency, and also our Turkish clients, had a pretty tough year in Turkey economically and politically, as you might have heard. And during this time companies tend to do irreversible mistakes and believe us, we have seen a lot of them recently.

In this episode, I share some tips on how you should prioritize and optimize your Search Marketing efforts, be it Advertising or SEO, as both definitely need smarter management during this time

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Halide Ebcinoğlu
22 May 2019

How To Increase App Visibility & Boost App Downloads (English)

Combining ASO with Google’s app marketing campaigns can be a strong move when you want to improve your ranking on the Apple App- and Google Play Store. With the right optimization and advertising plan, you can get a head start in boosting your app visibility and downloads.

In this episode, I walk you through 10 app store optimization steps, give universal app campaign optimization tips, and explain how a combination of both can be more effective.

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Jolien Storteler
20 May 2019