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You’ve seen our team pictures, read our blog posts, and now you are curious of how we sound like? Tune in and get to know us better: listen to what we have to say about the ever-changing digital marketing world.

Questions People Have About Google on Google (English)

Have you read our blog post on the “History of Google” already? No? — Go have a look, and come join us afterward because we are answering some of the (weird) questions that you searched for on Google, like: “who Googled me?”, “what do the letters in Google stand for?”, “is Google a devil?” and “does Google work for the CIA?”

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İrem Yılmaz
13 Aug 2018

Hiring Process at Kubix Digital (English)

Do you know which sector is rising like a rock star? It’s digital marketing! All borders of the sector - from its education to work style - differ from other industries. If you want to know how the hiring process at Kubix Digital looks like, you came to the right place. In our fourth episode of Kubix on Air, newbies Çiçek and Jolien take you on a journey through their first-days-on-the-job experiences.

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Çiçek Özgenal
31 Jul 2018

SEO Talk With Deepcrawl CAB Ilyas Teker (Turkish)

Here is a great talk about the past and future of SEO with the one and only Deepcrawl CAB Ilyas Teker. You can listen how he started with SEO, what he likes about SEO and some useful tips on how to start with SEO when you are a Newbie.

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Halide Ebcinoğlu
19 Jun 2018

Our Story - Kubix Digital 10th Anniversary (English)

10 years of Kubix Digital – wow, the time went by so fast. We couldn’t be any prouder of where we are today and love to share this with you. We really have lots of stories to tell, funny and exciting ones. Curious? Listen to our funniest stories here.

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Halide Ebcinoğlu
25 Dec 2017